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Petroleum dry cleaning machine

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Petroleum dry cleaning machine

Petroleum dry cleaning machine

The petroleum dry cleaning machine uses dry cleaning grade petroleum solvents as detergents, which have good washing effects and are environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The washed clothes are clean and beautiful, with high cleanliness, thorough stain removal, and do not damage the clothes. After washing, the clothes do not fade, shrink, wrinkle, and can be sterilized and mothproof. Suitable for washing fabrics such as wool, woolen, down, silk, down, leather, etc. It has a special cleaning effect on leather clothing.

Adopting internationally advanced fully automatic computer frequency conversion control, suspended structure design, and equipped with two fine filtration devices; Equipped with dual bottom tanks, dual liquid pumps, and can be washed separately: light and dark colored clothes make washing cleaner; It is an ideal equipment for washing various types of clothing; Using a 220V, 50HZ power supply with a power of 2KW; This machine has good washing effect, simple operation, no need for grounding, saves electricity, low noise, small size, wide applicability, and long service life; Suitable for dry cleaners, hotels, laundry rooms, and small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions. After washing, clothes are clean, soft, non shapely, and do not fade.

Compared to the advantages of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machines:

Petroleum dry cleaning machine is a new type of dry cleaning machine produced after tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine. The equipment should be better produced and better used.

1. Petroleum dry cleaning machines are environmentally friendly, do not pollute the environment, and do not pose any harm to human health. However, the cleaning solution of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machines is harmful to human health and pollutes the environment.

2. The petroleum dry cleaning machine is separated from the dryer, which allows the dryer to be taken out separately to dry clothes, thereby improving work efficiency. Oil dry cleaning can wash 15 pots per day. And the tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine can only wash 8 pots per day.

3. The cleaning solution recovery of petroleum dry cleaning machines uses filtration, while the recovery of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machines uses distillation, so petroleum dry cleaning machines are more energy-efficient than tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machines.

Petroleum dry cleaning machine is a machine that uses special petroleum solvents as detergents to wash clothes. It is suitable for dry cleaning wool and woolen clothing in hotels, restaurants, and laundry factories. After washing, it will not fold, shrink, or deform. Petroleum solvents are environmentally friendly and have a mild washing effect. After washing, the colors are bright and do not fade, making the fur look softer and brighter.

Technical features:

1. One machine with multiple functions: complete washing, agent removal, and drying on the same machine.

2. Color large screen LCD computer, human-machine dialogue and self check for faults, can be programmed or selected by oneself.

3. Digital frequency conversion technology can achieve stepless speed regulation, suitable for washing different fabrics and processes.

4. Full suspension vibration isolation technology, high de agent rate, shortened drying time, no need for specialized foundation.

5. Wash and dry under vacuum to improve cleanliness and drying efficiency.

6. The centrifugal filtration system has good filtration effect and low operating cost.

7. Random distillation technology continuously purifies the solvent to ensure washing effectiveness.

8. Multi point temperature and pressure automatic protection device, strictly adhering to EU CE standards.

Thanks to continuous investment in new technology research and development in the dry cleaning field, ITALCLEAN has developed a new washing machine concept, which has greatly changed people's understanding of dry cleaning. The new Drytech series represents the best solution products in this field, making the new solvent a laundry product. The design and manufacturing philosophy comply with ecological and environmental protection requirements.