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Multi solvent dry cleaning machine

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Multi solvent dry cleaning machine

Multi solvent dry cleaning machine

The ITALCLEAN DRYTECH series multi solvent dry cleaning machine is currently the world's most technologically advanced generation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving dry cleaning machines. The ITALCLEAN series dry cleaning machine can freely choose hydrocarbon solvents, silicon-based solvents, or the domestically developed SOLVON K4 environmentally friendly solvent. Compared with traditional tetrachloroethylene solvents and hydrocarbon solvents, SOLVON K4 solvent has no harmful substances and an organic solvent purity greater than 99%. This is an advantage that traditional tetrachloroethylene solvents and hydrocarbon solvents do not have, and its washing effect can be comparable to that of tetrachloroethylene. Simply make program changes through the Smart Touch computer to switch to another solvent for washing. The main components of this series of dry cleaning machines are all imported in their original packaging and assembled domestically. They have a fashionable and beautiful appearance, compact structure, and extremely high configuration, covering all the configurations of multi solvent dry cleaning machines in the world. Some of the configurations are patented technologies developed independently, reaching the standard level. The ITALCLEAN series multi solvent dry cleaning machines have a capacity of 12Kg, 15Kg, 18Kg, 20Kg, 25Kg, 32Kg, and 40kg to choose from.

Introduction to the Configuration and Performance of ITALCLEAN DRYTECH Series Dry Cleaning Machines:

(1) The whole machine adopts a stainless steel structure, and all parts that come into contact with dissolution, such as the inner and outer rotating cages, air ducts, filters, various traps, distillation boxes, oil-water separators, solvent pipelines, etc., are made of stainless steel precision machining, which is several times the service life of ordinary carbon steel dry cleaning machines.

(2) High level mold production ensures that most parts are pressed into molds, with high component strength, more exquisite and beautiful appearance, and excellent interchangeability, which is incomparable to ordinary manufacturers.

(3) The Smart Touch intelligent computer control system in China can switch between manual and automatic modes, and can write multiple sets of automatic laundry programs at will. With just a light press, you can achieve all the functions you need during laundry, easily achieving full automatic control of the entire laundry process such as washing, drying, and distillation. In addition, Inteli Mimo smart computers can set and remember technical parameters for each laundry cycle, such as drying temperature, solvent temperature, basket speed, etc. These parameters can be automatically restored from memory when the program is changed.

(4) Select Italian original low-voltage electrical control components that have passed CE certification to ensure long-term faultless operation and stable and reliable performance of the machine.

(5) ITALCLEAN's energy-saving drying system fully embodies extraordinary economic performance and the new concept of fast laundry, guiding the forefront of domestic washing machinery technology with current affairs type air duct structure, unique drying room design, and optimized drying fan positioning, greatly improving the solvent recovery rate, effectively shortening drying time and the entire laundry cycle, significantly increasing daily laundry volume, and creating more economic benefits. Each condenser is equipped with a quick connector imported from the United States, which effectively prevents the leakage of Freon and makes maintenance more convenient. The double-layer cilia filtration device makes the collection of fuzz more thorough and clean, ensuring your operating environment and physical health.

(6) Only ITALCLEAN can provide you with an eco-friendly filtration system, including a centrifugal filter and a full carbon color filter. Through the Smart Touch computer, you can choose different filters according to your needs, allowing you to feel the cleanliness. No need to add dry cleaning filter powder or carbon powder, hygienic and environmentally friendly. Eliminating the troubles of maintenance and cleaning, poor cleanliness, and high costs, the effect of saving water and electricity, as well as raw material consumption, is even more outstanding.

(7) Three sets of large volume liquid storage tanks with automatic cleaning windows, no need to open for cleaning, and excellent environmental performance.

(8) ITALCLEAN has achieved a new breakthrough in rapid solvent recovery through its two-stage vacuum distillation technology. The introduction and application of segmented distillation technology have greatly improved the overall quality of solvents, and can further separate various low boiling impurities in solvents, such as soap and water. The water filter can automatically discharge the entire distillation process. Solvents containing trace amounts of water can be used in the pre washing process of the next laundry cycle to thoroughly clean water-soluble stains on clothes, greatly improving the cleaning effect. The pure solvent without water content is discharged into the solvent box, fundamentally solving the global problem of similar products washing for a period of time due to the odor of the solvent box, pollution of clothes, and tank cleaning and fluid replacement caused by the odor of the solvent box., filling a technological gap in the laundry industry. The entire Fractiono Still distillation process has automatic discharge of pollutants through a computer (optional). It is also equipped with several protection systems, such as distillation overheat automatic protection, foam automatic control protection, four sets of pressure control, door lock, nitrogen injection system, etc., which are more reliable to use.

(9) In line with the concept, ITALCLEAN provides you with a worry free door locking system. The loading door, fuzz collector, button collector, and distillation box are all equipped with pneumatic safety door locking devices. The intelligent computer Smart Touch ensures that all dry cleaning machines in this series are in a strict locking state throughout the washing process through the control system, making your operation worry free.

(10) The Siemens SIEMENS motor from Germany, the original BERMAR variable frequency fan motor from Italy, the BERMAR solvent pump, and the maintenance free dry BERMAR vacuum pump can achieve continuous operation for 24 hours. The linear increase in drying speed tends to be more stable, making the machine run more smoothly and meeting the washing requirements of different clothes and fabrics.

(11) The energy-saving and environmentally friendly heart part of the dry cleaning machine, as well as the refrigeration and recovery system, all use well-known American products to ensure the machine's year-round trouble-free operation and the economic and technical indicators of environmental protection and energy conservation.

(12) The bearings in areas prone to corrosion and wear, such as the main shaft and filter, are all imported from Japan and sealed with German Deutschel seals. The bearings and seals use domestic maintenance free technology, and can be assembled in one go without the need for daily oil and maintenance.

(13) Equipped with automatic soap and soap oil adding devices, various additives are added scientifically and accurately, making it convenient, fast, reassuring, and worry free, easy and clean.

(14) A large anti leakage chassis that meets European standards effectively eliminates the pollution of laundry rooms and groundwater caused by solvent leakage, and can effectively recover solvents, which is environmentally friendly, economical, and reliable.

(15) 32 imported solenoid valves, 8 sets of pressure controllers, 7 temperature control probes, and other multiple protection and control systems make the entire machine more stable and reliable during use.

(16) The volume to load ratio that meets domestic standards, as well as the super large internal rotating cage and distillation box, ensure good laundry cleanliness and solvent recovery efficiency.

Product configuration:

1. All stainless steel configuration

All parts connected to solvents, steam, and water are made of stainless steel, including: cylinder body, cylinder door, solvent box, distillation box, filter, steam channel, button collector, solvent pipeline, etc.

2. Full computer control

It is designed and manufactured specifically for fully enclosed dry cleaning machines, with stable working performance, reliable functions, simple operation, and a good human-machine dialogue interface. The LCD screen instantly displays the working status, helping to monitor the machine's operation in a better state. Its light touch panel has good sealing, waterproof and dustproof, and there is a complete interlocking function between the buttons, avoiding the occurrence of misoperation. There are multiple programs for operators to choose from. When running the program, simply press the run button and the entire laundry process will be automatically completed.

3. Toshiba frequency converter in Japan

In the daily laundry process, various types of clothing need to be washed. Depending on the fabric of the clothing (leather, leather, wool, cotton, linen, etc.), the washing and drying time and temperature can be freely selected.

4. Water saving device

Automatically adjust the water flow rate based on temperature (controlled by a temperature control valve).

5. Secondary oil-water separation

The used solvent is separated twice, and the purified solvent flows into the solvent tank for reuse, greatly improving the recovery rate of the solvent.

6. Solvent oil constant temperature device

During the washing process, the solvent temperature can be automatically controlled through a computer board based on the different laundry items being washed.

7. Automatic drying controller

Automatically control the drying time and temperature of clothing.

8. Automatic soap pump

Add a certain amount of soap solution before each washing to enhance the washing effect.

9. No.2 heat pump

The function is to blow the distillation hot gas from the distillation box into the cylinder, dry the clothes inside the cylinder, and save energy.

10. Automatic cleaning device for filters

By operating the computer board buttons, the distillation box can be cleaned.

11. Distillation box automatic sewage pump

Automatic cleaning of the distillation box can be performed directly through the computer board, without the need to open the distillation box.

12. Activated carbon adsorber (optional)

After washing and drying, the tetrachloroethylene solvent gas in the clothes inside the cylinder is adsorbed using activated carbon in a carbon adsorber to reduce the residual solvent gas in the cylinder to below 2g/m3. It not only saves energy but also protects the environment.


The NS series instruments can also be used in soft installation versions. An electronic inverter is used on the main motor to gradually change the speed of the drum, and the shock absorber below the drum can reach an extraction speed of 850rpm.