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Peeling force tester for gypsum plasters

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:125

Product introduction

Plasters Peel strength tester can plastic, tape, film, leather, medical patch, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper and aviation, packaging, construction, medical and other materials testing.It can be used with various fixtures for adhesion, peeling, tearing, elongation at break, bending resistance , bending resistance, compression and other tests, this machine is the basic equipment for enterprise quality control, incoming material inspection, physical property test, mechanical examination and material development.

Technical parameters:

Product model: FLR-303Plaster patch peeling force tester

Capacity selection: 5kgf ~ 200kgf 50N~2kN optional; (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Resolution: 1/250000;

Force value accuracy: ≤0.5%;

Maximum stroke: 800 mm;

Test speedid: 1~500mm/min adjustable;

Transmission system: imported precision ball screw;

Operating system and software: multifunctional testing software;

Force sensor: imported from the United States;

Machine body and pressure plate: standard steel paint treatment and aluminum profile;

p>Operation control: full computer control;

Machine size: about 450×450×1150 mm

Weight: about 70Kg

Power supply: 1φ, 220V/ 50Hz

The configuration list is as follows: one host, one set of clamps, one piece of special stainless steel plate for peeling, one set of control software, computer optional

Plaster Plaster Test Instrument Instrument Features:

Tests such as tension, pressure, peeling, tearing, release force, etc.;

Can display strength and distortion at the same time;

Quick release connections can use different fixtures;

Can be printed directly on a printbe connected to run reports;

Full computer control for machine control and data analysis, report printing and other functions;

Safety protection: upper and lower limits, emergency stop button protection.

Transmission mode: precision ball screw with dust cover to protect the screw, increase the service life and precision.