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Non-stick coating abrasion tester for pan coating

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:20

Product introduction

Product model: FLR-M004 Non- stick Pan Coating Abrasion Tester(traveler type)

1. According to the improved design of EN 12983 standard, it is mainly used in the laboratory test products of certification bodies and cookware companies.

2. Use 220V voltage, 50HZ, use adjustable speed electric motor.

3. Use a wire brush to test the abrasion resistance of non-stick pans.

4. How to use Lock the pot with a clamp. The bottom surface of the pot should be in full contact with the surface of the electric oven, and the working components with the installed steel wire brush should be parallel to the inner coating surface of the non-stick coating, and pressed down by the pan\'s own gravity to ensure full contactto make.

5. The test part rotates at a certain frequency (according to each standard), so that the steel wire brush rolls on the non-stick coating for a certain period of time, so as to achieve the purpose of testing the wear resistance of the non-stick coating.

6. The maximum test cycle can reach 10,000 times, and the machine will automatically stop and alarm after the preset test cycle.

7. The above test methods are determined by the customer using the standard or our company provides the test method and test assistance.