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Orifice Flowmeter Interpretation-

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:126

The orifice plate flow meter is used in the measurement, control and regulation of the flow of various fluids in various industries; it has the characteristics of simple installation and convenient maintenance. The orifice flow meter is a differential pressure generating device for measuring flow. It can be used with various differential pressure gauges or differential pressure transmitters to measure the flow of various fluids in pipelines. Orifice flowmeter throttle device includes annular chamber orifice, nozzle, etc.

How to improve the measurement accuracy of the orifice flow meter:

1. The design and installation of the measuring device should meet the relevant standards

Due to the influence of the measurement accuracy of the orifice flowmeter The root cause is whether the geometry and flow dynamics of the throttling device deviate from the criteria.are of design. Therefore, during the process of use, calibration and maintenance of the system should be carried out on a regular basis. For changes in the actual use of pressure, temperature, flow and other working conditions, it should be corrected in time, and the fully compensated flow computer integration scheme can be used. , to reduce measurement errors and ensure measurement accuracy.

2. Eliminate the pulsating flow in the gas flow

Due to the sudden change in the flow velocity and gas pressure in the pipeline, a pulsating flow is caused, which can cause fluctuations in the differential pressure and the throttling device The flow calculation formula is based on the stable flow of the orifice plate. When there is pulsation phenomenon at the measuring point, the principle of stability cannot be established, which will affect the accuracymeasurement and will cause measurement errors. Therefore, in order to ensure the measurement accuracy of natural gas, the pulsating flow must be suppressed. Common measures include:

a. Subject to meeting the measuring capacity, a measuring tube with a smaller internal diameter should be selected to increase the differential pressure and aperture ratio;

b. Use short pressure lines to reduce the resistance parts in the pipelines, and make the upstream and downstream pipelines of equal length, so as to reduce the increase in resonance and pressure pulsation amplitude in the system;

c, Freely remove liquid from the pipeline, and the pulsation caused by the accumulation of liquid in the pipeline can be treated by an automatic pigging system or a liquid separator installed at one place low

3. Avoid human measurement error

Strengthen themeter management, improve the technical quality of operators, and actively introduce and absorb advanced natural gas metering technology at home and abroad.