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Interpretation of why the hydraulic pump is not working normally or has a seizure-

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:136

Possible causes and elimination methods of abnormal operation or seizing of the hydraulic pump
1. The axial clearance and the radial clearance of the pump are too small: if the axial clearances and radial are too small, parts must be replaced and adjusted. Axial or radial play.

2. The rotation of the needle roller is not flexible: replace the needle roller bearing.
3. The concentricity of the cover and the shaft is not good: replace the cover to make it concentric with the shaft.
4. Pressure valve failure: check whether the pressure valve spring is out of order, whether the small hole of the valve body is blocked by dirt, whether the slide valve and the valve body are out of order ; replace the spring, remove the dirt from the small hole in the valve body or replace the slide valve.
5. The concentricity of the coupling between the pump and the motor is not sufficient: adjust theconcentricity of the pump shaft and the motor coupling for which the error does not exceed 0.20 mm.
6. There are impurities in the pump: iron filings may be left during assembly or impurities may be sucked into the oil; use a fine copper wire mesh to filter the oil used in the total loss system to remove dirt.