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Operation of the automatic indoor mist tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:107

The car interior fog tester is suitable for interior materials such as automobiles and aircraft, such as automobile interior plastic parts, polyurethane, textiles, leather, adhesives, non-woven fabrics, thermoplastic elastomers and other materials that volatilize at high temperatures by evaporation. The evaluation of sexual components can also be used to determine the high temperature atomization of xenon lamps in front of cars. Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer. Greet customers who need to inquire.

Automotive interior decoration materials such as leather, plastics, textiles and adhesives for bonding materials, etc., all contain volatile substances, especially under the sun, high temperature interior of the car will expand, which will aggravate the problem. A little volatile. Volatile gasesThey condense on car windows or windshields, causing poor vision and affecting the driver\'s view and driving safety; some volatile substances are brewed for the human body and affect the health of drivers and passengers. In order to reasonably control the generation of volatile substances, it is essential to perform fogging tests on the materials used for automotive interiors. Materials with fogging values ​​exceeding standard indicators cannot be used for automotive interiors.

Basic Application:

Automotive Interior: Suitable for high temperature volatile component testing of automotive interior materials, such as dashboards, knobs, seat cushions, floor leather and ceiling materials.

Plastic granules: It is suitable for the extensive application of high temperature volatile component testing of granules.voids of plastic raw materials.

Wide Application:

Carpet: It is used for carpet volatility test under high temperature condition.

Leather: It is used to test the volatility of leather under high temperature conditions.

Sponge, Rubber, EPE Insulation Materials: suCompatible for high temperature volatility testing of sponge, rubber and EPE insulation materials.

Xenon front lamp: It is suitable for determining the high temperature atomization phenomenon of xenon front lamp.

Adhesive Products: Suitable for high temperature volatility testing of adhesive products.

Principle of the test:

The sample is heated in the mist cup and begins to volatilize, and volatile gas This is condensation on glass plates or aluminum sheets cooled by the cooling chambert. After the condensation process is completed, remove the glass plate or aluminum foil, measure the atomization value or weight of the condensed components on the glass plate or aluminum foil, and compare with the data before condensation, in order to obtain the volatility characteristics of the atomization. of the sample.

Operation steps:

01. Preliminary sample preparation;

02. Turn on the high and low temperature to redo baths and reach the set temperature;

03. Clean mist cup and mist glass plate;

04. Place sample;

05. Place plate fog glass or aluminum foil;

06. Place the cooling chamber;

07. Maintain both tanks at the set temperature and operate normally until the time required for the test;

08. Remove the glass plate or aluminum foil and place itwithin the specified time.

09. Measure the gloss, haze, or weight of the aluminum foil of the glass plate;

10. Compare the data and get the result.