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Calibration of the xenon lamp aging test chamber

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:136

The xenon lamp aging test chamber is an instrument and equipment for accelerated aging testing of materials in the laboratory. Currently, most of them are imported. Our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of textile testing instruments. The aging machine can also act as an agent for imported brands. Welcome customers who need to inquire in time. In addition, the standard group technical engineer said that the use of xenon lamp aging test chamber and irradiance calibration are very important. The user can entrust the calibration to the manufacturer or a measuring institution, or use the method provided by the manufacturer to calibrate it himself. Different manufacturers\' aging test chamber irradiance calibration methods are not the same, but the following two methodsare generally used for calibration.

1. Calibrate with a standard lamp

There is a strict and precise match between the power of the standard lamp and the irradiance, the irradiance can be known by measuring the power of the standard lamp. When using the standard lamp calibration, you must first remove the work lamp, install the standard lamp, and then start the device to enter the corresponding mode, let it automatically calibrate according to the relationship between power and irradiation, then remove the standard lamp. and install it. Back to work lights. The calibration process with standard lamps is complicated and time-consuming and requires specially trained personnel. If you are not careful, the xenon lamp can be damaged and even the safety of people can be endangered. Because this method depends on the relation correspondent between the power and the irradiation of the standard lamp, and the corresponding relationship between the power and the irradiation of the xenon lamp will change after aging, so the service life of the standard lamp is relatively short, and the price it is relatively high. Increase in usage costs. Standard lamp calibration is commonly found in water-cooled xenon lamp aging chambers.

2. Calibration with a radiometer

Compared to standard lamps, calibration with a radiometer is simple, quick and intuitive. When calibrating, place the radiometer sensor on the sample rack in the xenon lamp aging chamber, place the light-receiving surface of the sensor facing the light source, and ensure that the distance between the light-receiving surface and the light source is compatible with the distance between the sample surface and thelight source, then compare the radiation. Calibration can be done with measured value of meter and xenon arc aging test chamber, and with xenon arc aging test chamber like Q-Lab in states States can even be calibrated automatically without manual intervention. In this way, even personnel without special training can perform the operation. In addition, the price of the radiometer is lower than that of the radiometer.n that of the standard lamp, and it can be used for a long time without frequent replacement. It is enough to calibrate the radiometer regularly (usually one year).

At present, photoelectric sensors are generally used in xenon lamp aging test chambers to measure irradiance. fix. Irradiance calibration methods mainly include: entrusted calibration, self-calibration with standard lamps (requiredmanufacturer\'s assistance) and self-calibration with certified radiometers. Ordered calibration cannot be performed at any time based on user requirements and requires the cooperation of manufacturers or measurement organizations. These last two calibration methods are implemented by the user. The standard lamp calibration operational process is relatively complicated. It is simple and quick. Users of the xenon lamp aging test chamber can choose a suitable way to calibrate the irradiance according to their own needs.