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On the enormous impact brought by the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:96

"Next, artificial intelligence will provide you with voice services..." I believe readers in front of the screen should not be unfamiliar with this sentence. Although the products around us have been labeled with intelligent and humanized expressions since a very early age, I don't know when artificial intelligence has suddenly appeared in every aspect of our lives. Even now, when we make phone calls, provide consultation services, and communicate with us, it has become artificial intelligence. Objectively speaking, artificial intelligence is constantly bringing us convenience, but are all the benefits behind it really positive? The answer may be negative.

The simple understanding of artificial intelligence is to let computers simulate human thinking patterns and then interact with us through human logic. And this also makes artificial intelligence a computer science based on various technologies such as computer language, internet development, big data statistics, and logical inference. The process of establishing artificial intelligence is actually a process of storing data and building logical frameworks, in simple terms, a process of "learning".

In addition, due to the interactive process involved in the current application of artificial intelligence, it actually involves the cognitive process of artificial intelligence. For example, when an artificial intelligence answers a call, it needs to first recognize the other person's language, then analyze the content, and finally convert the obtained result into audio to play to the other person. It can be said that this cognitive process may seem very easy, but the technology involved behind it is very complex.

It is precisely because of various needs that artificial intelligence is considered a challenging science, and even because it involves some ethical issues, relevant departments have issued the "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Ethics Standards". And precisely because of its complexity, artificial intelligence brings convenience to society while also generating pressure.

The technical and economic pressures behind big data

Artificial intelligence relies on big data, and the entire society is giving birth to new "content" every day. After these "contents" are recorded in big data, artificial intelligence needs to continue to "learn" them, and the learning process is actually accompanied by a considerable amount of computing. Although our computer technology can still handle it at present, with the increase of data, the connection between data will become increasingly complex. When computers build the "connection between data and results", the computational load will also increase exponentially. Therefore, perhaps one day, computers will be unable to withstand this huge computational load and may crash.

The solution to this method may only be to increase the investment in computing equipment or improve existing computer technology, but either one will face huge cost investment and technology research and development cycles.

Algorithms are "erasing" people's interests

In addition to the pressure on technology, artificial intelligence also puts pressure on human development. Human beings themselves are also a part of big data computing, and when we come into contact with artificial intelligence, we will find that it can always accurately deliver the content we are interested in to us. On the surface, this does bring us convenience, but it also limits our opportunities to encounter new things. In other words, if artificial intelligence is not further optimized logically, one day we will miss the opportunity to encounter new things.

Therefore, behind the popularization of artificial intelligence, there is actually a longer development path.