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Apple launches self repair plan, old iPhone welcomes “second spring”

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:35

On November 18th, Apple announced that it will launch a self repair program that will allow customers to obtain original Apple parts and tools to repair their devices on their own. This plan will first be applied to iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series products, and Mac computers equipped with M1 chips will soon be added.

The self repair program will be launched first in the United States starting from early next year and will be promoted to other countries in 2022 or later. The initial stage of the plan will focus on the components that require repair services most frequently, such as iPhone display screens, batteries, and cameras. Self repair of other components will be opened later next year.

Apple's plan means that iPhone users will have more choices when repairing.

Mobile phone repair shop hides hidden tricks

Nowadays, smartphones have become a necessity in consumer life, and without them, it is difficult to move forward. However, frequent use of mobile phones can also lead to frequent malfunctions.

Mobile phone malfunctions are caused by human or non-human factors, including battery aging, screen discoloration, etc; Human factors may include broken screens, phones soaking in water, and so on.

Due to the high cost of repairing an iPhone, repairing a broken iPhone may require the cost of buying a new phone, and there may also be many risks when going to the store.

Firstly, mobile phone accessories are exorbitant in price. Consumers may experience the same price before repairing their phones, but the price after repair is much higher than the quoted price. It is reported that mobile phone maintenance belongs to the professional technical category, and currently the pricing department has not implemented guidance pricing for this industry. The cost of repairing and replacing mobile phone accessories itself ranges from a few yuan to a few hundred yuan. Under such conditions, some businesses often face consumers who do not understand mobile phone repair technology, and it is common for repair personnel to arbitrarily quote prices and change mobile phone parts.

Secondly, mobile phone parts have been stolen and replaced. Consumers who have repaired their phones before will find that repair personnel generally do not repair their phones in front of customers. Even if customers are in a hurry, they can only wait for a certain amount of time before picking up their phones. After the customer leaves, repair personnel may replace the phone motherboard with a barely usable low-quality motherboard, and then match the replaced motherboard with a low-cost new case to sell it at a high price in the second-hand market.

Finally, practitioners in the mobile phone repair industry do not have corresponding qualification requirements, so the entry threshold for the mobile phone repair industry is relatively low. For some individual mobile phone repair shops, they do not require maintenance personnel to have relevant technical certification or a large amount of capital investment. It is also difficult to verify whether mobile phone repair shops really have professional skills in repairing mobile phones.

In short, the mobile phone repair market is full of fish and fish, and the price of repairs is even more elusive. There are many tricks hidden in mobile phone repair, and consumers will fall into the trap of repairs if they are not careful.

Consumers have the right to choose

The various problems that frequently occur in mobile phone repair, such as false reporting of prices, disorderly maintenance, exchanging old products for new ones, and assembling and replacing original products, seriously harm the interests of consumers.

Many consumers are calling on relevant departments to enact corresponding standards and regulations as soon as possible, and to severely punish illegal repairmen who quote or repair illegally, in order to create a safe consumption environment for consumers.

So, before the regulatory standards for mobile phone maintenance are introduced, how should consumers take the initiative in their own hands?

Many users choose to do it themselves and have plenty of food and clothing. Imagine, since a mobile phone is artificially made, it is certain that humans can also repair it.

Perhaps consumers may have some concerns when repairing their phones on their own, for example, what if I accidentally damage the phone screen? After dismantling the phone, I don't know how to install it back. What should I do?

In fact, users don't have to worry about their lack of professional knowledge. The threshold for mobile phone repair is not high, and it is not a niche topic. It is common for users to repair and even modify their phones themselves

Therefore, before starting, search for disassembly or repair videos of the corresponding phone on YouTube, Bilibili, or related professional platforms, and you can basically get started.

Of course, some difficult malfunctions are still handed over to professional maintenance personnel, and the replacement of parts is actually no different from giving the remote control battery.

The self repair plan launched by Apple not only relieves users of concerns about the tricks of repair merchants, but also ushers in a second spring for the old iPhone.

More importantly, self-service repair plans allow consumers to retain the right to choose, and only when they have a choice can people feel free, just like what was said in Bilibili's speech "After the Waves" for young people in China: you have the power we once dreamed of, the power to choose.