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Nickel release tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:123

Product introduction

This machine is specially designed for EN12472:2005 to measure the simulation of nickel release from coating coating materials Wear and corrosion test method standards and ISO12870:2004 ophthalmic optics - spectacle frames - requirements and test methods are designed and all specifications meet the requirements of the above two standards.

Instrument definition: Nickel release tester, also known as a rotary wear tester, is a special grinding coating of metal products to achieve two years of use An auxiliary tool for wear rate

Instrument use: The main purpose of this instrument is to respond to the additional detection of nickel release as stated in the latest EU nickel release standard

Test range: all metal products such as sjewelry, glasses, watches

Introduction to the instrument: The nickel release tester uses a The method of accelerating wear is an instrument for detecting metal content and extracting detecting substances .This method is used to detect the release of nickel from coatings that come into direct contact with the skin or prolong the contact with the skin. It can also be extended to detect other metallic substances by this method. Compliant with British Standard EN 12472:2005

Main Features

Designed for BS /DIN nickel release EN/DIN12472 This product is manufactured according to the latest nickel release standard, for stable speed, with hexagonal drum Rolling material and rolling sauce on metal sample hanger

Digital computer control cushion light-touch button ensures accurate time and program adjustment

Automatic design Fully automatic design control, can run at a specified time

Clear digital display Clear digital display of elapsed time and remaining time, helping users work better divide

Safety design The instrument is equipped with a protective door and transparent observation windows, withdesign for power supply and circuit breaker. Ensure user\'s safety

High torque motor Powerful motor can provide stable speed without being affected by heavy weight

The advanced design is equipped with a pause button, so that users in any situation Interrupt the operation of the instrument

The latest nickel release standard EN12472:2005 equipment transparent window effect The European Union officially adopted the latest version of the nickel release test EN12472:2005 in 2006 to replace the original standard EN12472 :1998, all jewellery, eyes, watches and other metal products must pass relevant tests before being allowed to be sold in Europe