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Safety shoes compression leak testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:52

Product introduction

1. Test the toe cap at a constant speed through the testing machine until the pressure When the value reaches the specified value, measure the minimum height value of the sculpture clay cylinder in the test nose, and use the measure to evaluate the compression resistance of the safety shoe or protective shoe toe.

2. Drive the puncture nails through the testing machine to pierce the sole at a certain speed until the sole is completely pierced or a certain force is reached and the sole is completely pierced. pin nails are exposed to the maximum force or when a specified force is reached. Evaluate the puncture resistance of safety shoes, safety shoes or occupational shoes with puncture-resistant midsoles.

Complies with standards:

GB/T20991-2007, ISO EN 20344-2007, CSA-Z195, ASTM F2413-2005, BS-953, GB21148-2007 and other standards

Technical specifications:

Specification model: FLR-230 Safety Shoes Compression Puncture Tester

Test speed: 5mm/min, 10mm/min, 25mm/min, MAX and other gears can be switched at will, and the speed can also be adjusted steplessly.

Maximum load: 2000kg.

Unit: kg, N, Ib can be switched arbitrarily.

Display: LED display.

Voltage: AC220V, 10A.

Weight: 108 kg.

Volume: 71*30*76cm

Arbitrary configuration:

1. Equipped with an anti-compression and an anti-puncture set.

2. Make 3 standard plasticine molds.

3. Two Allen keys.

4. 5 puncture resistant steel needles.

5. Plasticine 1.

Safety footwear compression leak testing machineImage: