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Mask breathing resistance meter

Author: Released in:2024-03-20 Click:15

Mask breathing resistance meter

Mask breathing resistance meter

Product model:


Applicable scope:

This equipment is specialized in evaluating the performance of materials in resisting bacterial penetration in liquids when subjected to mechanical friction. Specifically, it is used to measure the performance of materials in resisting bacterial penetration in liquids when subjected to mechanical friction (the shielding performance of the mechanical friction chamber against bacterial penetration in liquids); Mainly used for medical surgical sheets, surgical gowns, and clean clothing.

Meets standards:

YY/T 0506.6, EN ISO 22610

Testing principle:

Place the specimen on an agar culture dish, with a piece of bacteria of the same specification placed on top of the specimen, and cover it with a high-density polyethylene film about 10 microns thick. Use a conical steel ring to clamp the three layers of material (the test material is at the bottom, the bacteria are in the center, and the high-density polyethylene film is at the top) together. Place this ring kit on the agar culture dish on the turntable, and the test finger acts on the material in a way that can move on the surface of the entire culture dish, causing the material to be subjected to a combined effect of pressure and friction, in order to simulate the stress and microbial penetration that may occur in the barrier material under wet conditions in practical applications. After the microorganisms on the agar plate penetrate the test material, they migrate to the surface of the agar medium. By culturing the agar plate and counting the colonies, the penetration performance of the test material can be quantitatively evaluated.

Product features:

1. The turntable rotates quietly and steadily, and the rotation time of the turntable is automatically controlled by a timer.

2. The experiment refers to the lateral reciprocating movement from the center of the rotating agar culture dish to the periphery, guided by a rotating outer wheel.

3. The experiment refers to the adjustable force applied to the material.

4. The test components are all made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Instrument parameters:

1. Rotary speed 60 rpm ± 1 rpm

2. The test refers to a pressure of 3 N ± 0.02N on the material

3. Outer wheel speed 5-6 rpm

4. Timer setting range 0-99.99min

5. Total weight of inner and outer ring weights: 800g ± 1g

Product attachments:

RULLA 2 Framework

RULLA 2 support oil cylinder (diameter 90 mm, 40 mm high)

RULLA 2 wet state bacteria resistance tester (including: 1x HDPE safety strip, 1x PU/PE carrier strip)

RULLA 2 reference (10/pk)

According to EN ISO 22610 standard: 135 g/m2 polyester cloth is cleaned according to ISO 15707 standard

RULLA 2 culture dish (diameter * height: 140 * 20 mm)

Optional spare parts

RULLA 2 Precision Spring Scale (according to EN ISO 22610, EN 13795, and EN 14126 standards)