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Martindale Pilling Assessment Method

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:185

Different test tools and test methods for determining pilling will have different evaluation results. Textile companies should apply corresponding test methods according to customer requirements. Furniture testing equipment Taishite company has summarized some evaluation methods of textile pill testing, and I will explain it to you below.
1. Counting method: calculate the number of pills in the specified area. Applies to Martindale Act ratings.
2. Weighing method: Weigh the weight of the hairball on and next to the fabric. Applicable to the evaluation of the pilling box method. 3. Comparison method between sample photo and original test sample: Compare and judge the pilled fabric with the original sample or the standard photo of pilling that has not been tested to determine the degree of pilling of the sample. The degree of pilling is divided into five levels from 1 to 5 from severe pilling to no pilling. How clThe lower the level number, the more severe the pilling. Ratings suitable for the random rollover method. 4. Coordinate display method: Use the ordinate to display the number of pilling and the abscissa to display the pilling curve of the friction time to analyze the degree of pilling and the rate of pilling formation and separation. Ratings for the circle locus method.

Domestic textile pilling test:
1 test standards and conditions

At present, there are three major domestic standards for textile pilling test methods:
1) GB /T4802 .3 -1997 Test Method for Fabric Pilling - Pilling Box Method, test conditions, no pressure;
2) GB/T4802.2-1997 Test Method for Pilling of Fabrics - Martin Dai 3) GB/ T4802.1-1997 Fabric Pilling Test Method - Circular Track Pilling Method, test conditions, under light pressure.
2 Test Instruments
Test instruments for household textile pill testing are main businessdivided into three types: pilling box pilling tester, Martindale pilling tester and circular track pilling tester.
3 Test Principle
1) Pilling box method YG(B)511-II rolling box pilling tester: in a rotatable rolling box with rough inner wall, the fabric is wound on the mandrel, after tumbling in the box for a certain number of times, compare and judge it with the standard physical sample or photos;
2) Martindale Method YG(B)401E Martindale Abrasion Tester (9 stations): the fabric is on the pad 3) Circular web pilling method YG(B)502 fabric pilling tester: fabric in cushion condition, after being rubbed with a nylon brush for a certain number of times, compare and judge it with the standard physical sample or the photo under a certain light.