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Fabric disc sampler operation method

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:169

Product specification:
Standard cut 100 square centimeter fabric sample. When using, spread the fabric to be cut on the special rubber pad, place the sampling blade on the fabric, and then pull out the sampling blade safety switch. At this time, press the protective seat of the sampling knife with the left hand, and rotate the round handle of the sampling knife clockwise with the right hand, draw a circle, and the sampling is completed. Return the sample knife switch to its original position. Put the cut fabric sample into the electronic gram weight scale, weigh the sample weight, multiply it by 100 times, and get the gram weight of 1 square meter of fabric. Such as: the grammage of the removed fabric is 3 grams, then 1 square meter of fabric is 300 grams.

1. The blade of this instrument is sharp. Do not put your hands on the bottom during useprevent damage.
2. The instrument should cut the sample on the rubber pad. When the instrument is not in use, wipe it clean and place it in the instrument case to prevent damage.
3. If the blade is not sharp after a while, replace the blade according to 4.1. The blade is an ordinary double-sided razor blade, which is commercially available.
The sampler (gram weight meter) can quickly, accurately and safely cut out a sample of 100 square centimeters (1% of 1 square meter), then use a scale with an accuracy of 0.01 grams to weigh, multiply the weight with 100 is the weight per square meter of the fabric (paper) Machine, sampling knife 0.01mg electronic balance 2. Learning pad, sampling packing features: high quality aluminum alloy material, infinitely adjustable thickness of knife feed (thickness adjustable range: 0-5mm ), maximum Extend the life of blades and rubber pads.
3. Product specifications: high quality adjustable type, standard cutting samples of 100 square centimeters. 0.01g electronic balance Disc sampler, electronic balance weight meter, how to use the sample knife 2. This sample knife is widely used in textiles, clothing, paper, leather and other enterprises and foreign trade. company
3. Its market share is far ahead, and has won the trust and praise of the majority of new and old users. 4. Put the cut fabric sample into the electronic scale for weighing, weigh the sample weight, multiply by 100 times, and get the fabric weight of 1 square meter.
5. For example: the grammage of the removed fabric is 3 grams, then the fabric of 1 square meter is 300 grams.
Original accessories: one balance, one sampler, one high-quality adjustable sampler knife, one special leather pad.
1. The cutting blade is a double-sided blade with a total of four parts, whichevenly divided into four equal parts outside the circle. The blades can be replaced. The specific operation is: unscrew the Phillips head screws (there are four screws on each piece), and remove the blades. Replace the pressure plate and sampling blade with a new blade, press the blade pressure plate, pay attention to make the blade mouth tangentially clockwise, and make the four blades on the same plane, and then tighten the Phillips screw. 2. There are straight grooves at the bottom of the instrument, used to fix the sample, which is convenient for cutting and prevents the sample from slipping.
4. How to use: When using, the cloth must be cut. Spread the material flat on the special rubber mat and place the sampling knife on the fabric
5. Then turn off the sampling blade safety switch. At this time, press the protective seat of the sampling blade with your left hand, and turn it ron handle of the sampling knife clockwise with the right hand, and draw one circle, the sampling is completed. Return the blade switch to the original position
6. Place the cut fabric sample in the electronic scale for weighing...
1. The purpose of the weight meter: sampling and weighing of textiles, sampling paper, etc.

The use of the disc sampler, electronic scale, weight meter and sample knife
The use and characteristics of the electronic weight gauge sampler:
1. Used to measure all kinds of wool, cotton, chemical fiber, knitted fabrics and other round samples, also used to determine the weight of fabrics. 2. The sampling standard area is 100 standard square centimeters.
3. A high-precision microcomputer scale is used, and the liquid crystal displays the weight in grams. 4. There are different specifications to choose from 100g, 200g, 300g, 600g, 1000g, 1500g to 0.01g.
1. Lay the fabric to be cut flat on the rubber mat, place the disc sampler on the fabric, pull out the lock on the sampler, rotate it about 90 degrees, hold the outer cover with one hand and hold the corrugation with the other hand hand wheel, and practice a certain pressure, and then rotate the corrugated handwheel clockwise (the rotation angle is greater than 90 degrees), and the round sample can be cut.
2. After the sampler is used, the device is locked and rotated to the original position so that the blade cannot be exposed to avoid injury to hands and other objects.