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Martindale Abrasive Tester/Fabric Flat Abraser

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:109

The Martindale abrasion test is based on the Martindale method standard system (Lissajous) circular motion trajectory and its relationship to test textile products, and through this test to test fabric abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance. Performance is an important indicator of the quality of textile products. It directly affects the durability and use effect of the product. Abrasion resistance refers to the property of fabrics to resist wear during repeated friction with other fabrics. The machine used to test the abrasion resistance of fabrics is the fabric surface grinding machine.

Main application:

The fabric flat grinding machine is used for the pilling degree of various fabrics under light pressure and the fine book cotton, linen, determination of abrasion resistance of spun silk woven fabrics.

The advantages and disadvantages of the wear resistance of fabrics are mainly reflected in: damage, loss of quality, appearance discoloration, pilling, etc. The specific performance is as follows:

1. During the friction process, the fibers collide continuously, and the fiber fragments in the yarn are broken due to fatigue damage, resulting in the yarn breaking.

2. The fibers are pulled out of the fabric, loosening the thread and structure of the fabric. The fibers can be pulled out under repeated action resulting in thinner yarns, thinner fabrics and even disintegration.

3. The fiber is cut and broken, causing the yarn to break.

4. The surface of the fiber is worn and the surface layer of the fiber is fragmented and lost.

5. Friction generates high temperatures, causing the fiber to melt or deform plastically, which affects the structure and mechanical properties of the fiber.

There are many methods to measure the abrasion resistance of textile productscts, such as surface grinding, curved grinding, seam grinding and compound grinding.

The Martindale method is a type of surface grinding method, which is widely used in testing the abrasion resistance of clothing, home textiles, decorative fabrics and upholstery fabrics.

Technical advantages:

◆There are two types of Lissajous circular motion trajectories with diameters of 24mm and 60mm and one test method for linear motion trajectories.

◆Large-screen color touchscreen control.

◆Imported servo driver and motor drive, the running speed of the instrument is stable and adjustable, and the noise is extremely low.

◆Automatic valve, convenient for the operator to change the abrasive easily and quickly.

◆Special aluminum profile position control hood, stainless steel weight, grinding head and grinding wheel.

◆Imported linear bearings reduce frictionresistance on the guide bar and keep the grinding head rotating during the friction process.

Complies with standards:

GB/T4802.2-2008, GB/T13775,GB/T21196.1;

GB/T21196.2, GB/T21196.3, GB/T21196.4;

FZ/T20020; ISO12945.2, 12947;

ASTM D 4966, 4970, IWS TM112 and other standards.