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Maintenance of Fabric Abrasion Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2017-09 Click:1116

Fabric Abrasion Tester is Suitable for woven, knitted, woven, decorative materials, coated fabrics and other apparent abrasion resistance testing and pilling performance test.

Maintenance of Fabric Abrasion Tester

Fabric Abrasion Tester principle
Fabric Test samples mounted in the top of the jig and mounted in the grinding and abrasive friction stage. A friction trajectory (an important feature of Martindale method) is Lisha Ru graphics. According to the test requirements specified after the friction phase, remove the fabric and wear index calculated or assessed using visual way to describe the specimen and fluff pilling grade.


Fabric Abrasion Tester Maintenance
1、The instrument must be regularly cleaned and external cleaning, to ensure cleanliness.
2、Regularly check test equipment to see if there are abnormal.
3、Each personnel in the use of the process follow the correct way to use, and is not a violation, to avoid damage to the instrument, resulting in shortening the life of the instrument.
4、Each personnel after the use of the test instrument, the instrument shall laid out, and do the appropriate instrument cleaning to ensure clean.
5、In the case of non-use, the power supply should turn off, and maintain the equipment clean.