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Application Of Reciprocating Abrasion Tester

Author: Released in:2017-09-19 Click:1021

Reciprocating abrasion tester used by way of rotary grinding, using different kinds of friction wheel rotational friction on the sample to detect wear performance for leather and plastic materials, make scientific evaluation of the wear resistance on the product.
Application Of Reciprocating Abrasion Tester
Reciprocating abrasion tester Description
Test products are fixed at the level of the table, in the abrasives and load with the movement of the   provisions under the level of water for the station being worn;
The use of the principle of leverage, the other end of the arm with the test weight to maintain    balance test arm to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the sample surface load test results.
Abrasives and load frame height is adjustable to be suit for different height of the sample tested.
According to the different requirements of customers, the use of different media to test different  products friction abrasion resistance.
Application Of Reciprocating Abrasion Tester
Reciprocating abrasion tester application
It is used to detect the scratch resistance and abrasion resistance of the coatings, plastics,  decorative fabrics, automotive interior, velvet and other fabrics. LCD display control and  testing  process, you can set the number of reciprocating wear, sports stroke reciprocating  speed and other  parameters according to user demand. Make unique friction arm design  for implementation, substituting among different friction head. According to the principle of  the lever balance, make  exact  pressure control implementation. Fully meet the different  criteria for the form of friction,  friction head  pressure of different requirements. During the  test, the test sample is fixed at the  level of the sample  stage, and the load in the abrasive  with the provisions under the horizontal  movement of the sample  stage is worn.