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Magnetic Flap Liquid Level Gauge Fault Analysis

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:157

The magnetic flap level gauge is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance and other occasions, and can be locally displayed and remotely controlled. The body tube is made of seamless steel tube, and the connection tube is welded by tracing holes, without scratches inside. The installation method can be selected from side installation and top installation, and the lower end of the body is sealed. A drain valve can be added if needed. The connection flange can be customized and the indicator is composed of a magnetic color chip. When the magnetic floating ball in the body tube rises with the liquid level, the color chip flips over to show the liquid level. A magnetic switch or a remote transmitter can also be installed on the body tube to output switch signals or analog signals. ThereInstrument failure will occur more or less, and it will less if it is used correctly and well maintained. When the magnetic flap level gauge fails, we must first observe carefully, carefully analyze the reasons, and make a correct judgment. Regarding the failure analysis of the flap magnetic level gauge, the following solutions can be considered, which are simple and clear:

1. Observation method. Use sight, smell, touch. Sometimes damaged components discolor, blister, or burn; burnt components will produce peculiar odors; shorted chips will get hot; weak welds or desolders can also be observed with the naked eye. This method is more suitable for experienced workers.

2. Disposal method. The method of judging the fault cause by unplugging and inserting some cards and plug-in devicesin the machine. When the instrument returns to normal after unplugging a certain board or plug-in device, it means that the fault has occurred there.

3. Substitution method. It is necessary to have two instruments of the same type liquid level gauge with magnetic flap with remote transmission or to have enough spare parts. Replace a good spare part with the same component on the faulty machine to see if the fault is eliminated.

4. Contrast method. It is necessary to have two instruments of the same model, and a magnetic float level indicator is in normal operation. The use of this method also has the necessary equipment, for example, a multimeter, an oscilloscope, etc. According to the nature of the comparison, there are voltage comparison, waveform comparison, static impedance comparison, output result comparison,current sound, etc.

5. Parallel method. Install a good IC chip on the chip to be checked or connect good components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, triodes, etc.). Poor contact and other reasons can be ruled out using this method.