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Causes and Solutions of Common Pressure Switch Faults

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:53

Common failure causes and solutions of pressure switches are as follows, let\'s learn together~~

1. Fault phenomenon: the pressure switch has no output signal

Reason analysis:

(1)The micro switch is damaged

(2)The switch setting value is too high

(3) The wired contact connected to the micro switch is not well connected

(4) The pressure sensitive part is poorly assembled and jammed

(5) The sensitive element to the pressure is damaged


(1) Replace the micro switch

(2) Adjust to an appropriate setting value

(3) Reconnect to make good contact

(4) Reassemble to make action sensitive

(5) Replace pressure sensitive element

2. Failure phenomenon: poor sensitivity of the pressure switch

Cause analysis

(1) Improper assembly / excessive friction of the transmission mechanism (rodor piston, etc.)

(2) The stroke of the microswitch contact is too long

(3 ) Improper adjustment of adjusting screws, ejector rods, etc. .

(4) Improper installation, such as uneven and slanted installation


(1) Raise up, make action sensitive

(2) Reasonably adjust the contact travel of the micro switch

(3) Reasonably adjust the position of the nail and the ejector rod

( 4) Change to vertical or horizontal installation

3. Failure phenomenon: the pressure switch sends a signal too quickly

Analysis of the cause:

(1) The oil inlet damping hole is large


(2) The insulation diaphragm is broken

(3) The pressure of system impact is too high

(4) Electrical system design is incorrect


(1) Damping hole should be reduced by appropriate manner, or a damping tube must beadded to control line

(2) Replace isolation diaphragm

(3) Add snubber tube to control line to weaken impact pressure

(4) Design the electrical system according to process requirements