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Liquid sliding penetration comprehensive performance tester

Author: Released in:2024-05-06 Click:16

Liquid sliding penetration comprehensive performance tester

Liquid sliding penetration comprehensive performance tester

Main use:

The liquid slip penetration comprehensive performance tester is suitable for measuring the penetration performance of diapers, including slip penetration, backflow, and leakage. It can also measure the liquid penetration performance of sanitary non-woven fabrics and the penetration efficiency of liquids. The technical principle is to pour a certain amount of liquid onto the surface of the sample and measure its permeability and permeability to the liquid.

Instrument features:

1. Using a funnel with an electromagnetic valve to control the liquid penetration test, conducting a diaper slip test using a funnel with a valve to simulate the daily use of diapers;

2. The use of special mechanical mechanisms enables the specimen holder to conveniently meet the requirements of multiple tests, and the angle control of the specimen holder is convenient, making it extremely easy to meet the requirements of the test and ensuring the reproducibility of the test;

3. A control system with sensors ensures real-time capture of liquid data passing through;

4. Designed data processing software that timely transfers data to the computer for data analysis, generates curves, and facilitates technical personnel in various data analysis to improve product performance;

5. The automatic control system makes the entire testing process simple and convenient.

Technical indicators:

1. Test bench angle: (30 ± 2) °;

2. Liquid flow rate inside the funnel: 80mL/6s;

3. Pressure block: ¥ 100mm, weighing (1.2 ± 0.002) kg (capable of producing a pressure of 1.5kPa);

4. Pressure block pressurization time: 1 minute;

5. Sliding penetration time: 10 minutes;

6. Transmission efficiency: The time required to pass through 50mL of liquid.

Applicable standards:

QB/T 2493-2000 diapers (including diapers/pads)

FZ/T 60017-1993 Test method for liquid penetration of thin non-woven fabrics for hygiene purposes