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Ironing sublimation color fastness tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-21 Click:20

Ironing sublimation color fastness tester

Ironing sublimation color fastness tester

Compliant with standards:

ISO 105 X11 P01 BS 1006 AATCC 92 114 117 133 GB/T 5718 6152 DIN 54022 54060 JIS L0879 L0850

Applicable scope:

This device is a dry heat test device suitable for testing the color fastness to heat compression and dry heat. It can be used for testing the color fastness of fabrics, chlorine loss (resin treated fabrics), yellowing of bleached fabrics, sublimation color fastness of dispersed dyes, and water scalding fastness of reactive dyes.

Product details:

The Gelowen G247 Ironing/Sublimation Color Fastness Tester can test the dimensional stability of fabrics during hot pressing and dry heat treatment, as well as the sublimation color fastness of fabrics. The sample is placed between the upper and lower heating plates, and the temperature of the upper and lower heating plates is accurately controlled by an independent controller. The spacing between the heating plates and the weight of the upper test piece are controllable. The testing temperature range is 120-230 ℃, with a timed alarm function to accurately control the sample time.

Technical parameters:

A. Experimental hot plate: specification W100 x D40mm aluminum (same top and bottom)

B. Temperature regulation: Digital temperature regulator with a minimum display of 1 ° C (one on top and one on bottom)

C. Timed timer and audible alarm function

D. Maximum temperature: 250 ° C

E. Hot plate surface pressure: 4 ± 1 KPa (40cm2)

F. Heater: cylindrical heater 100V 150W (one upper and one lower)

G. Appearance specifications: approximately W250 x D300 x H230mm