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Introduction to Standard Group Analysis of Automotive Impact Testersأداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:82

Introduction to Automotive Impact Tester Analysis - Standard Group

The Schap impact test can be used in two modes: high pressure nitrogen powered and shop air. Pneumatic Impact Testing Machine Meets the requirements of FMVSS 201 specification. Nitrogen impact testing machines meet FMVSS 222 specifications and require a high pressure nitrogen cylinder to achieve the required speeds. Both models include mechanical property testing equipment and a standalone PC-based control and data acquisition system, and require standard shop air and 120 VAC power (other voltages available).

This machine consists of an impact bracket installed on the base plate and a self-contained control system. The impact bracket can be mounted on a customer supplied base, with slight adjustments to the lifting screw assembly to raise and lowersser the entire unit. The specimen must be securely fixed before performing the impact test sequence.

When the tests are perfect, the accumulator is precharged to a set pressure, indicated by a large rotating pressure gauge, and adjusted with a precision manual regulator. Once the precise load pressure is determined to achieve the required speed, few adjustments are necessary. The rear strike is manually pushed, the rebound catch is unlocked, the lever lock is tightened, the accumulator is charged, and the system is ready to fire.

Ignition and sintering require a series of orderly operations to ensure the safety of the operator and other personnel in the area. Although orderly operating procedures are used to prevent accidental discharge and injury, customers are free to install guards as they wish or can have prprotections by Schap design. Initially, the system requires an operator key to activate the ignition sequence, with a rotating red warning light flashing when charging is initiated. Once the system is loaded, the shooting sequence can be started on the PC. Then a loud explosion of truun noise was heard, which lasted until the fire broke out. A special screen on the display instructs the operator to turn the ignition on and hold the key until they see the countdown stop. Only then does the system really catch fire.

Data acquisition is carried out via a PC. and captures shock pulses from one or more accelerometers of the impact body. The data is then graphed to display HIC, peak deceleration, impact velocity and other impact parameters. The control system is programmed in NET and runs on Windows 7 operating system.Anyone familiar with standard PC functions can easily learn how to use this device.


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