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ASTM D 4772 Principle of water absorption test

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ASTM D 4772 Principle of water absorption test

Principle of water absorption tester:

The solution/water is injected into the stirring ink at a controlled flow rate, monitoring agitation. The change in torque of the mixing blade determines the water absorption. Torque is expressed in two aspects: emulsifying capacity and torque characteristic parameter (T). Emulsifying capacity is the water absorption and the value is expressed as a percentage of the number of grams of solution emulsified per 100 g of ink. The torque characteristic parameter (T) reflects the rheology of the liquid itself.

How the water absorption tester works:

Put 25g of ink into a 4 ounce container, then secure the container in a 30°C constant temperature holder. Lower the paddle into the container, place the syringe in place, press the \"Start\" button to start the test, and the instrument will automatically control to complete the test. Generally speaking, the test takes 3-8 minutes, which varies depending on the specific ink. Once the test completed, the emulsifying capacity and torque characteristic parameters will be displayed on the screen for user analysis.

This equipment is used to test the ability of velvet fabrics to quickly absorb and retain moisture from human skin, tableware and surfaces offurniture in accordance with ASTM D 4772. A certain amount of water is poured onto the fabric through the funnel, and the fabric is fixed on the fixture. The amount of water absorbed by the fabric is obtained by subtracting the amount of water accumulated in the bottom plate from the original measured amount of water.

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