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Introducing standard parameters of Standard Group\’s Digital Fabric Burst Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:94

Digital Automatic Dust Break Tester Meets Standards: ASTM D3786 ERT 80-4-20 GB/T 7742.1 BS EN ISO 13938-1 BS 3424-6-B ISO 3303-B ISO 2758 ISO 3303.2 ISO 3689 JIS L1018 L1093 IWS TM170 .

Technical parameters of digital fabric automatic bursting instrument:
A. Measuring range: (1% to 100% of full scale) the highest measuring range can reach 6,000Mpa and the smallest partial value is 0.002Mpa
B. Elastic diaphragm: outer diameter Φ80mm, thickness 0.9±0.1mm.
C. Test cup set: Φ112.8mm±0.2mm(100cm2), Φ79.8±0.2mm(50cm2), Φ35.7±0.2mm(10cm2),
Φ31, 5±0.2mm (7.5mm cm2), Φ30.5±0.2mm (7.3cm2), Φ30±0.2mm;
D.zu maximum burst height: 70±0.02mm
E. zu maximum burst time: 99.9±0.1S< F. Pressure boosting speed: 100-500ml/min, the speed can be adjusted manually or choose intelligent automatic adjustment;
G. Output form: print output, display output, real-time graphic display, support online communication;
> H. Control method: manual integration;
I. Hydraulic oil: 85% glycerin, 15% distilled water
J. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 2000W
K. Dimensions: 750×500×950mm
>L.Weight: 160kg
Instrument specifications:
Length × Width × Height = 780mm × 480mm × 1210mm

Standard Group ( Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.: committed to textile manufacturers and traders Provide professional one-stop technical laboratory services: including laboratory design, construction, test instrument selection, test technology application training, technical consultants, after-sales service, etc. The instruments and consumables provided all meet the requirements of commonly used test standards. Before leaving the factory, the instruments are calibrated by the measurement center to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the test results.