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Introduction of Technical Parameters of Standard Group Electric Tracking Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:26

Tracking tester technical parameters:
1. Electrode material: electrode head - platinum metal (platinum)
2. Electrode pressure: 1.0 ± 0.05N
3. Electrode gap: 4.0mm ± 0.01mm, angle 60° ± 5
4. Electrode voltage: 100 ~ 600V (48 ~ 60HZ) adjustable, the voltage drop is less than 10% when the short circuit current is 1.0 ± 0.1 is A
5. Drop height: 30~40mm adjustable
6. Drop size: 44~55 drops/1cm3 adjustable
7. Fall Time: 30s±5s
8. Drip times: adjustable from 0 to 9999 times
9. Leakage assessment: the circuit current is greater than 0. and persists for 2 seconds, the relay works to cut off the current, indicating that the sample is not qualified
10. Test process: the test program is controlled automatically, independent ventilation
11. Reference Standard: IEC60112, GB/T4207, GB4706.1
12. Studio volume: 0.1 m3 (0.5 m3 or 0.75 m3 can be customized)
13. Equipment outer dimensions: 630 mm wide × 390 mmdeep × 750mm high -1, IEC 60335-1, IEC 60598-1, IEC 60884-1

Structural features of following tester:
1. Paint treatment of burning boxes; Elegant, corrosion resistant; Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm x 1200mm;
2. All sample holders are made of stainless steel;
3. The equipment consists of voltmeter, ammeter, time delay overcurrent relay, power supply, circuit Control system, button switch, signal lamp, etc. .;
5. The drip nozzle is adjustable; adjust the height to 30-40mm; make sure the drop position is in the middle of the two electrodes;
6. The electrode device contains platinum electrodes, electrode fasteners, 4mm gauges, etc. The electrodes are adjustable and removable;< br>7. Electrode width 5 mm,thickness 2mm, 99.9% pure platinum, point 30~60 degrees;
8. The pressure of the electrode on the sample is adjustable and the adjustment range is (1.00N ± 0.001N); the electrode gap is 4.0mm±0.01mm, the included angle is 60°±5°;
9.Prepare sample table;
10. Equipped with glass plate: thickness ≥ 4 mm;
11. Equipped with electrolyte: one bottle of ammonium chloride and one bottle of alkyl naphthalene sulfonic acid sodium reagent;
Safety monitoring system:
12. Test voltage: 0 ~ 1000V continuously adjustable digital display, the maximum error of the voltmeter display value: 1%;
13 . Short-circuit current: (1 ± 0.1) A, the voltage drop value does not exceed 10% ;
14. The test current exceeds 0. The duration exceeds 2 seconds, the system automatically shuts down the device;
15. Security door control system; when the door is opened, the test system cannot work;
16. Electrode: 5 mm × 2 mm A pair of rectangular platinum electrodes and a pair of copper electrodes, which meet ato the size requirements of IEC60112 Figure B.1;
17. Electrodes: The angle formed between the electrodes is 60°±5° and the gap is (4±0.1mm);< br>18. Electrode: the pressure on the sample is: 1.00N±0.05N;
19. Drop system: (30±5 ) seconds (drip start time 29.8 s + drip start time 0.2 s) automatic counting, digital display (preset), 50 drops time: (24.5 ± 2) min;
20, drip system: height from the nozzle of a droplet to the surface of the sample: 35mm ± 5mm (with a meter for your reference) ;
21. Drip System: Drop Weight: 20 Drops: 0.380g~0.489g; 50 drops: 0.997g ~ 1.147g;
22. PLC with touch screen control system; realize a more intelligent test It is more convenient to operate;
23. The test data is automatically recorded and saved and can be retrieved freely.