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interprets several failure reasons of the smart electromagnetic flowmeter –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:20

The reasons for the failure of the smart electromagnetic flowmeter are caused by the following aspects: environmental aspects; fluid aspects; installation aspect.

Environmental Reasons:
Usually it is mainly caused by stray current interference from pipelines, strong electromagnetic wave interference in space, and magnetic field interference from large motors . Pipeline stray current interference usually requires good separate grounding protection to achieve satisfactory results, but in case of strong stray current (such as pipeline of electrolysis shop, sometimes the peak value of potential alternating Vpp induced on both electrodes can be as high as 1V), always take extra measures and isolate the flow sensor from the pipeline etc. Space electromagnetic wave interference is usually introducedby signal cables and are usually protected by single-layer or multi-layer shielding.

Fluid Reasons:
The tiny bubbles evenly distributed in the measured liquid generally does not affect the normal operation of the smart electromagnetic flowmeter, but as the bubbles increase, the meter\'s output signal will fluctuate. When large enough to cover the entire surface of the electrode, the output signal will fluctuate more as air bubbles pass through the electrode and the electrode circuit will be momentarily disconnected. When the smart electromagnetic flowmeter with low frequency square wave excitation measures mud with too much solid content, it also generates mud noise, which causes the output signal to fluctuate. When measuring mixed fluids, if the flow sensor is used for measurement before the mixture is not uniform, the output signal will also fluctuate.ent. Improper selection of electrode material and measured medium will also affect normal measurement due to chemical action or polarization. The electrode material should be selected correctly according to the selection of the instrument or the manual.

Installation reasons:
It is usually the failure caused by the incorrect installation position of the sensor of the intelligent electromagnetic flow meter. Typically, such as installing the sensor at a point in the piping where gas is easy to accumulate; or by installing it from top to bottom On the vertical pipe, there may be a drain; or there is no back pressure behind the sensor, and the fluid is directly released to the atmosphere to form a partially filled pipe in the measuring pipe.