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Interpreting the Characteristics of Combustible Gas Detectors

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:128

Combustible gas detector is a commonly used gas detection instrument, which can be used to detect various combustible gases in petrochemical, environmental accident, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas and other industries.

Combustible Gas Detector Features:
Water Splash, Dustproof, Explosion Proof, Shockproof, Intrinsically Safe Circuit Design, Anti-Static, Anti-Electromagnetic Interference,
Protection Level IP65, Steam built-in water filter, dust filter, to prevent damage to sensors and instruments due to water vapor and dust
Built-in pump suction measurement, fast response, sampling distance greater than 10 meters, special gas path design, can directly detect negative pressure or positive pressure -0.5~2kg gas, no effect on measurement results High-definition color screen2.4 inch display shows real-time concentration, alarm, time, temperature, humidity, storage, communication, power, charging status and other information, and the menu interface uses icons high-definition simulation display to display the function names of each menu Large-capacity data storage function, with a standard configuration of 100,000 data storage capacity, larger capacity can be customized. Support real-time storage, timing storage, or only storage of alarm concentration data and time, support local data viewing and deletion, and also can download data to computer via USB interface and use host computer software to analyze data and store and print.

USB charging interface, can be charged by computer or power bank, compatibthe with the mobile phone charger, overcharge, overdischarge, overvoltage, short circuit, overheat protection, 5-level accurate power display, support USB hot plug, the detector is charging It can work normally anytime, RS485 communication optional
Using 4500mA large capacity rechargeable polymer battery, can work continuously for a long time
Sound and light alarm, vibration alarm, visual alarm, under alarm -voltage, fault alarm, multi-directional three-dimensional display of alarm status when an alarm is issued.
Alarm value can be set and alarm mode can be selected from low alarm, high alarm, interval alarm, weighted average alarm
High accuracy measurement of temperature and temperature humidity (optional) and temperature compensation for the sensor at the same time, the operating temperature ofThe instrument The range is -40 to 70 degrees.

 It can detect gases from -40°C to +70°C, higher temperature gas detection can be customized (optional high temperature handle sample cooling filter or high temperature and high humidity pre-treatment system) Gas unit can be switched freely, unit is optional: PPM, mg/m3, Vol%, LEL% , PPHM, ppb, mg/L Display mode: gas concentration display, single channel large font cycle display Gas concentration, real-time curve, you can set whether to display the value, the minimum value, the gas name, and you can see the historical record curve.

 Chinese and English interface can be selected, the default Chinese interface, simple operation prompts in Chinese or English
Data recovery function, can be selectively or fully restored restored,eliminating worries caused by misoperation
Automatic zero point tracking, long-term use is not affected by zero drift.
The three-level calibration of the target point ensures the linearity and accuracy of the measurement, and can meet the national standards and local metrology at the same time bureau standard.

 Concentration calibration errors are automatically identified and avoided, which can avoid faults caused by human factors.
It can be detected in real time or regularly (for the case that the quantity of gas to be measured is relatively small), and the pump can be turned off when it does not detect to extend the start-up time.