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Interpretation of the temperature and humidity test process of the three complete test chambers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:140

The three-level test chamber is a test chamber with three functions of temperature, humidity and vibration. It has the function of rapid temperature change rate and provides a comprehensive test environment for temperature, humidity and vibration.

Three complete test chamber temperature and humidity test processes:
1. Control method humidity system:
Humidity controlled The device outputs the signal to control the solid state relay via the internal PID on-board block electronics, then controls the power to the humidifier via the relay normally closed and normally open. When the PT100 directly senses the set temperature of the SV, the humidifier will stop humidifying and maintain a constant humidity state. ;
2. Humidification:
Use stainless steel electric heating tubes to directly heat the water to extremove moisture, and at the same time add an overheating protection system to the design;
3. Temperature system control method:
Balanced Temperature Control (BTC) by circulating ventilation forced. In this method, the control system controls the output of the heater through the PID automatic calculation output according to the set temperature point, and finally achieves a dynamic equilibrium;
4. Heating method of the \'air:
Using high-quality chrome nickel heating wire, the material is good, it has the effect of corrosion and moisture resistance, and the speed response is far superior to the heating tube efficiency;