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Interpretation of the principle of the spark detector system

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:97

Spark detection system is a detector used to identify hazardous particles (sources of ignition), when a hazardous spark is detected, the device will shut off or turns off automatically;

To suppress the occurrence of claims, this function is performed by controlling a control unit. This is why spark detectors are also called \"fire prevention systems\".

Installing a spark detection system can prevent costly fires and dust explosions.

The product has practical experience in industrial water, has unique technology, and provides safe and high-quality solutions. Avoid false alarms. allow production to continue to operate.

Scientific research shows that different combustible materials can be ignited when the temperature andthe spark capacity are sufficient;

Thus, the spark detection system should be able to detect the ignition source before the fuel is ignited.

Different materials have different ignition temperatures and different ignition energies.

A material will only ignite if its ignition temperature and ignition energy are reached or exceeded.