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Interpretation of the principle and application of dust explosion-proof valves

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:51

The dust-proof explosion-proof valve (explosion-proof device) adopts gravity design, does not need to be triggered by sensor, and has normally open type and normally closed type.

Applicable: one-way explosion-proof, negative pressure system, horizontal installation

Applicable dust: organic dust and inorganic dust (including metal dust)

Rating from DN100 to DN1000, a variety of options

Material: carbon steel valve body , coating color RAL3000; stainless steel disc

Applicable wind speed: 15-30 m/s;

Pressure drop: about 200 pa

Maximum explosion pressure: 2.0 barg20C

Applicable dust: St1 and St2 dust with Kst less than or equal to 300barg*m/s

Installation method: horizontal installation, flange connection

Installation locationnstallation: 2-7m dust collection equipment inlet pipe

Can detect operating conditions through built-in sensors, allowing longer maintenance

Strong and durable design allows for minimal maintenance

Includes inspection cover for easy inspection;

Optional Accessories such than a signal sensor and a closed position indicator switch;

Can provide the national authoritative organization\'s test report;

In reality, many containers are connected together, such as dust collectors and pipes, materials and pipes, once a certain equipment explodes;

The flame and the pressure of the air will spread to other equipment along with the pipeline, causing the equipment to explode secondary or explode multiple times.

Adding explosion proof valves can prevent eefficiently the propagation of explosions, protect adjacent equipment or workshops and avoid secondary explosions or multiple explosions.

Dust-proof explosion-proof valve

The working principle of the explosion-proof valve:

When a dust explosion occurs, the shock wave in front of the flame, the explosion-proof valve is quickly closed by the shock wave generated by the explosion;

It is locked by a self-locking mechanism to prevent the opening of the valve disc and prevent the flame and pressure wave from spreading. After the explosion is over, manual reset, it can be used again after simple maintenance. During normal operation, the disc is opened by the auxiliary opening device.

The normally closed one-way explosion-proof valve is characterized by comprising a valve cover, a valve disc, avalve body

pipe flange, and the The valve cover is connected to the upper part of the valve body by a shaft, and the movement of the valve disc is controlled by the volume of fan air downstream of the dust collection equipment. When the fan starts to work, the valve disc opens slowly, after working for a while to reach a medium transfer state.