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Interpretation of the principle of operation of the gas chromatograph

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:118

The main function of gas chromatograph is to separate and detect different components in the sample, so how to simply describe the separation process?

For example, we want to analyze a pile of stones placed in a river, because the size and weight of the stones are different;

Small and light stones He will be carried away during the course of the river, and the distance will be greater, and the large and heavy stones will be nearer. These stones are distinguished according to their size and weight.

On the same principle, the chromatograph is divided into five parts:

Gas source and path control system, sample injection, separation system, detection system and data processing system, etc.

The gas source is equivalent to the source of the river on the mountain, providing the gas for the instrument;

The control of the gas circuit is equivalent to the sluice, controlling the size of the gasflow;

The sampling system (port of sampling) is equivalent to the action and behavior of putting stones in the river;

The sampling system separation is equivalent to the river , in chromatography, mainly refers to the chromatographic column, which is the place and the tool to separate the samples;

The detection system (detector) and the system data processing are used to detect sample components and record data.

Through the above description, we should have a basic understanding of the gas chromatograph, gas source and gas path control system, gas injection system. sample, separation system, detection system and data processing system. the combined instrument;

The samples have been separated and tested, and we will have asance of the composition and content of the samples we want to measure.

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