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Interpretation of relevant washing principles of dry ice blasting machines

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:114

For the word dry ice blasting machine, I believe it is both familiar and unfamiliar;

Because many people are familiar with dry ice, because the dry ice is widely used in daily life, in catering, wedding, medicine, cold chain transportation, e-commerce and other industries will have more or less knowledge about dry ice;

But many people don\'t know the purpose of the dry ice blasting machine What is it;

So let me tell you what a dry ice blasting machine is!

Although dry ice blasting machine was an unpopular service category in China, in some western countries;

Ten years ago , dry ice was used to clean oil stains on surfaces in civil and industrial industries;

It has manyfirst was used to remove the outer skin of the US space shuttle, then gradually developed for all walks of life. Equipment cleaning.

Because of the good effect of dry ice cleaning, it can effectively remove surface stains in a short time without leaving stains, so more than 80% of stain cleaners in these countries choose dry ice cleaning. dry ice.

In recent years, more and more domestic enterprises also choose dry ice blasting to clean stains on the surface of industrial molds.

The principle of dry ice blasting is to use compressed air to accelerate the dry ice particles and spray the dry ice particles onto the surface of the object to be cleaned . Due to the extremely low temperature of dry ice (minus 78.5°C);

The accessory can be quickly frozen and weakened. DAt the same time, the dry ice particles can pierce the surface of the weakened object, and the raw material which will expand rapidly when the volume of dry ice volatilizes is used;

Stains on the surface of the object to be cleaned can be exploded from the inside, so that pollutants can be quickly detached from the surface of the object to be cleaned;

L The whole process is completely physical and does not require you to worry about damage and freezing of the machine.