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Interpretation of the fault that the Martindale abrasion resistance testing machine cannot start

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:48

Martindale Abrasion Testing Machine The cutting device when testing the sample, such as a press knife, is of sufficient size to produce a test sample that can be firmly pressed onto the test sample holder. The precise size of the test sample is determined by the attachment of the test sample holder. Just in case there should be a circular shape of 44-1mm diameter, 50mm from any edge made in the sheet.

Cut an additional test sample and use one side to compare or reference discoloration or wear on the sample.

Weave the test sample and let it stand for 24 hours in an environment of 20/-2℃ and humidity of 65/-2%.

Testing of textiles by Martindale abrasion testing machine:

1. Abrasion testing of textiles and leather

A sample of fabric circular is placed against a standard friction The tis friction is carried out on the fabric. Wear resistance depends on the number of frictions or the weight consumption of the sample when the sample is broken down. The swing trThe ajectory of the test sample on the friction cloth is called Lissajous figure.

2. Pilling test of textiles and fabrics

The pilling test method used on the test machine was developed in collaboration with EMPA. The test is suitable for knitted and woven fabrics (woven from short fiber sand). Use EMPA verbal description standards and image standards to assess the degree of pilling.

 3. Functioning and amplitude

For certain tasks, it is necessary to do a regular interactive action test based on Lissajous graphs. When changing from abrasion resistance tests to pilling tests, the amplitude length must be changed. Change operating mode and amplitudeis very simple, just move the position of the drive assembly, without the need for other tools or spare parts.

What should we do if the Martindale abrasion testing machine cannot be started during daily operation?

The Martindale Abrasion Testing Machine cannot start for the following reasons:

First, the number set on the screen has been reached and n has not been reset. At this point, it should be reset to zero.

The second is that the belt inside the testing machine is broken and it cannot start. This can be fixed by replacing the belt.

The third problem is that the electric motor is shorted and cannot move. A motor needs to be replaced.