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Interpretation of relevant principles of rubber testing equipment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:119

Electronic testing machine because of its special detection;

Widely used in rubber industry, plastic industry, paper industry, yarn, textile industry, latex industry, packaging industry, wood industry, ceramics, geotextiles, footwear and other non-metallic materials physical testing and mechanical equipment, building materials, automotive parts and other industries.

Testing machine features:

1. Due to the use of high-efficiency servo motors, speed servo control systems and ball screw, the testing machine has stable transmission, low noise, high speed precision, wide speed range, long service life and other characteristics.

2. Display test force, peak value, displacement, speed, test status and test curve simultaneously.

3. Limit, automatic overload protection, automatic shutdown in case of sample break.

4. Stability: anti-fluctuation, zero drift, power suppression capability, interference carrying capability, temperature drift, time drift, anti-humidity capability.

For test equipment, it covers almost all test applications in all fields;

Therefore, it is also called \" \"Today we will briefly introduction Application:

Rubber products on automobiles, including floor glue, rubber on electronic components, key components on rubber products, rubber (brake hoses, brake cups, brake pads, seals, etc


Various thermosets, thermoplastics traction module , flexural modulus, compressive modulus, yield strength, tensile strength, resistancestance at break, elongation at break, compression stress test, compression deformation, shear, peeling, bracing, tearing, penetration and other mechanical properties.

Mainly includes engineering plastics, reinforced nylon, modified plastics, plastic profiles, plastic pipes, plastic sheets and films and other industries for analysis and material inspection.

Scope of Electronic Testing Machine

Structural Steel:

Rebar (steel plate), steel tube, cast iron tube, steel bar connection joints, welds and deposited metal, aluminum alloy type, carbon structural steel, strain detection low carbon steel hot rolled round wire rod yield strength, elongation prestressed concrete wire, elongation prestress Concrete is welded with tsteel bars and elongation under force reinforcement.

Compression of steel pipe (steel plate) scaffolding test base, anti-slip, anti-destructive, torsional stiffness, loop welding strength of bowl, crossbar weld strength and other tests.