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Interpretation of relevant principles of electrical thermometers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:119

The principle of the online thermometer used in the electrical industry is that as long as the temperature of any object is above zero degrees (-50°C), there will be thermal radiation emitted to the outside. The temperature of the object is different and the radiated energy is also different. ;

And the wavelength of the radiation wave is also different, but it still includes infrared radiation, objects below 1000 degrees Celsius;

Its thermal radiation The most powerful electromagnetic wave is the infrared wave, so measuring the infrared radiation of the object itself can accurately measure its temperature from surface, which is the objective basis of the infrared thermometer temperature measurement.

Electrical thermometer working principle:

The non-contact infrared thermometer consists of an optical system, a photodetector, a amplifiersignal processor and signal processing, display Output and other parts are composed.

The oThe optical system consists of collecting the infrared energy radiated by the target object and focusing it on the photodetector;

and convert it into a corresponding electrical signal, then through the circuit operation processing circuit, it is converted into a linear temperature signal value of the measured target, so as to perform additional signal processing and control.