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Interpretation of principle and structure of torsion testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:129

Torsion testing machine is a kind of testing equipment used by many manufacturers. Today we are going to look at the working principle and structure of the torsion testing machine to make the torsion testing machine work better.

Electric material torsion testing machine is composed of two parts: machines and electrical appliances. Its working principle is as follows:

Electric material torsion testing machine adopts electric load, left sensor and sensor bracket can move left and right. straight for easy specimen clamping;

When the torsion is loaded, the all-digital AC servo motor drives the device to rotate through the precision planetary gearbox. The specimen is loaded to perform the torsion test of the specimen.

The middle position of the workbench is the space for thetwist of the piece. There are two parts, the fixed fixture (left) and the rotary fixture (right), which are used to clamp the specimen.

On the main operation cover of the electric material torsion testing machine, there are [left-handed], [right-handed] power indications and stop buttons emergency lights, which can be turned manually to the left during the test. and operations on the right.

If the testing machine has abnormal phenomena or emerges in an emergency during the operation, immediately press the emergency stop button, the machine will protect itself and will stop working.

After dealing with all the faults, turn it in the direction indicated by the emergency stop to make it appear, and you can start the test.

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