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Interpretation of the stroboscope principle

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:130

The stroboscope, also known as a stroboscope fixed imager or tachometer, is an optical measuring device that can turn a vibrating, high-speed rotating, or periodically moving component into a \"stationary\" component.

The stroboscope itself may emit short, frequent flashes. When adjusting the flashing frequency of the strobe light, it is close to or synchronized with the rotational or moving speed of the measured object;

Although the object measured is moving at high speed, it appears to be moving slowly or relatively static. This persistence of vision phenomenon allows people to visually observe the surface quality and working status;

The flashing speed of the strobe is the rotational speed and the movement frequency (print bag) of the detected object (eg: motor), and the vibration of the object can also be analyzed using thestrobe, high-speed moving objects, high-speed photography, etc.

Use obese strobeThe repair and inspection technology has been widely used in Europe and America. With the rapid development of my country\'s economy, more and more industries began to use stroboscope to help solve product quality inspection problems.

Composition and working principle of strobe light

The working principle of strobe light is to control the flash light according to the set frequency or from the outside Trigger frequency Blink frequency;

As a complete system, it includes a human-machine display interface, adjustment and function selection buttons, a flash control module, a flash power module and an external trigger auto-tracking module, etc.

In the system design, the LED digital tube is used as the human-machine display interface.

The LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, long service life and convenient control. As long as the reliability of the driving circuit is guaranteed, the long-term stability of the human-machine interface surface can be guaranteed.

In terms of parameter setting or function selection, high-reliability Omron touch buttons and rotary encoders with quick setting function are used as data input components, and a reasonable software is used to improve the settings. Quick and easy to install.

As a more convenient product to use, it must have the parameter saving function. Here, non-volatile memory is used to store parameters such as frequency and operating mode.

In order to obtain the eBecause of convenient use, stable performance and precise control, the design of the entire software system is very important.

In addition, there is a central and difficult technology in the strobe light control system, which is to ensure the stability of the strobe light power supply voltage.

Only by ensuring the stability of the voltage can the flashing brightness of the lamp tube be consistent, so that the flash does not leak under high voltage.gh frequency conditions.

Since the power consumed by the lamp is uncertain when flickering in different frequency bands, it is difficult to control.

When strobe light is used as a light source for print quality inspection, another question arises regarding the performance of strobe light. a higher requirement.

The strobe light must be consistent from the time it receives the trigger signal until the light tube flashes, so program control and circuit design are more important.

Main technical indicators of the strobe

The main technical indicators of the specially designed and serialized strobe are as follows:

(1) Power supply: AC 220 ± 10% V, 2 A, 50 Hz.

(2) Power: the maximum power is less than 200 W.

(3) Internal trigger frequency range: 1~500Hz.

(4) External trigger frequency range: 1~500Hz.

(5) Single working time: arbitrarily set by function keys (unit: 30s).

(6) Ambient light intensity: less than 10,000 lx.

(7) External trigger signal range: 5-12V pulse signal.

(8) The width mmaximum irradiation: it depends on the length of the video flash.

(9) Size (L×W×H): 800mm×115mm×180mm (Triple), 1250mm×115mm×180mm (Quad).

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