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Interpretation of Methyl Bromide Detector Circuit Principle

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:115

The central component of the methyl bromide detector is a gas sensor, which is used in places where ozone leaks may occur. When the concentration of ozone in the air exceeds the set value, the detector triggers an alarm and sends out an acousto-optic shock alarm signal.

The instrument is widely used in various oil refineries, oil depots, chemical plants, liquefied gas stations and other places prone to gas leakage.

Methyl Bromide Detector Circuit Principle

The basic circuit includes power supply, control of ultraviolet lamp, detection of \'ultraviolet light sampling, the detection of ultraviolet light sampling, Logarithmic amplifier, analog output and display of six main components. The central part of the circuit is to use the logarithmic amplifier Log100 to realize the mathematical model.e of the ozone concentration.

The 14-pin integrated circuit can perform a logarithmic operation on the ratio of two currents or voltages. The output current of the amplifier has a wide dynamic range and can vary from 1nA to 1mA. The output error range does not exceed 0.1%.

The power supply part is mainly used to generate the high voltage power supply required by the ultraviolet lamp, and at the same time to generate the +15V DC power supply required by the circuit board. The ultraviolet lamp control part is mainly to control the current of the ultraviolet lamp within the allowable constant range. If it is too high or too low, it can be automatically adjusted. If it cannot be adjusted, it means the life of the ultraviolet lamp is over. There is a red light on the panel that lights up, indicating that you need to replace it. New UV lamps too.

The standard part ofThe detection and sampling of ultraviolet light is also key. Once the calculation is done, the output is displayed. The analog output is linearly related to the ozone concentration.

Methyl bromide detector function

Monitor the concentration of methyl bromide in the environment or in a confined space and give an alarm

Comes with calibration function and zero point calibration function make gas monitoring more accurate and reliable

Reset function one-key factory can avoid misuse trouble

With temperature and pressure compensation, it can realize gas concentration compensation in different temperature and pressure environment

Two-level sound and light alarm, the alarm point can be set by yourself

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery oflarge capacity

Pump suction sampling method, pump suction can be adjusted

The shell is made of special engineering plastic high-strength, non-slip, waterproof and dustproof, explosion-proof

Suitcase made of exquisite aluminum alloy

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