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Explain how the portable breathalyzer works

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:117

The portable breathalyzer (alcohol tester) is an instrument used to detect the concentration of ethanol (alcohol).

Ethanol detectors can be divided into two types: electrochemical principle detectors and photoionic principle detectors, which can be used to detect the concentration of ethanol in fuel industries. petroleum, chemical and ethanol fuel to ensure that workers safety Safety!

Most of the ethanol detectors that we often use are based on electrochemical principles. The principle of operation of electrochemical detectors is:

The chemical principle sensor works by detecting the diffusion of a certain amount of gas. Oxygen first passes through a sintered stainless steel filter and then enters the interior of the sensor through a gas permeable membrane on the sensor. Between the sensor electrodes and the electrolyte,oxygen is consumed and a corresponding current is generated between anode and cathode.

When current flows through the sensor, the positive lead electrode is oxidized to lead oxide, and the output current intensity has a linear function relationship with the concentration of lead. oxygen. The sensor\'s fast response capability allows continuous monitoring of air or process gases.

Its characteristics are: the response to the measured gas is very fast, the reusability is good, and the calibration and maintenance requirements are relatively low.

It is suitable for the detection of ethanol in all light and heavy industrial units, areas where a low concentration of ethanol must be reliably detected and remote areas where long-term stable transmission signals are required.

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