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Interpretation and Simple Solution to Gauge Value Out of Tolerance Problem

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:99

In the process of checking the pressure gauge, the problem of out-of-tolerance indication is relatively common. Here is a summary of some adjustment methods for this problem for reference and study:

1. The out-of-tolerance value of each checkpoint is the same. After boosting, the pointer can be reset to a non-zero verification point to calibrate the indication value.
2. The difference is a linear error. When the error gradually increases, move the indicator adjustment screw outward to increase the length of the arm; otherwise, move it inwards to reduce arm length.
3. The indication value out of tolerance is first fast (positive error) then slow (negative error). Rotate the movement counterclockwise to widen the angle between the pull rod and the gear sector; if not, turn the movement clockwise to reducethe angle. After adjustment. The error is a linear error, then move the indication adjustment screw. 4. The indication value is out of tolerance nearly half the pressure. After boosting, the pointer can be reinstalled in the middle position. If the error cannot be eliminated, the angle between the pull rod and the sector gear must be adjusted for full adjustment. 5. Only one or two points are out of tolerance. Check coordination of movement near this point. When the difference is positive, there is dirt and burrs on the meshing parts of the gears; when the difference is negative, the teeth are worn and damaged, which must be repaired or replaced.
6. A pressure gauge has been adjusted several times, but the back-and-forth difference is still out of tolerance, and the needle does not return to zero, the spring tube may be deformed and need to be replaced. After adjustment, assemble all the parts of the pressure gaugere and test again according to verification rules.