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Injecting big technology into small street lights, smart street lights illuminate the future of the city

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-02 Click:36

Street lights are the eyes of a city and symbols that showcase its image. The street lights reflect the people's livelihood, which is related to the travel experience of citizens and also to the energy consumption expenditure of urban operation.

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED lights are gradually replacing early sodium lamps; A batch of smart street lights equipped with a single light intelligent control system are in operation on the road section where the transformation of smart street lights has been completed

LED pole screens have the characteristics of high brightness, high refresh rate, high energy efficiency, mass transmission and reception, synchronous reception and playback, high-definition video display, simple and fast installation process, and convenient maintenance. In terms of control, the intelligent display LED pole screen adopts cluster intelligent control. Even if there are many devices installed in a scene, they can be connected through a management terminal to implement synchronous and unified management, control video and text updates, and achieve batch release, scheduled download, emergency insertion, etc. of programs, making the efficiency of informatization higher. The above product technology application characteristics provide a perfect solution for the smart upgrade of venues.

Smart street lights can enhance the safety, management efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection level of communities, and promote the construction of smart cities.

Improving security: The cameras and sensors equipped with smart street lights can monitor the community in real time, detect abnormal situations in a timely manner, and issue alerts to improve the security of the community.

Energy conservation and environmental protection: Smart street lights can adjust the brightness of lighting according to actual needs, achieve reasonable energy utilization, and reduce unnecessary energy waste, in line with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Improving management efficiency: Smart street lights can be remotely monitored and managed through an intelligent management platform, facilitating management personnel to timely grasp the operating status of street lights and improving management efficiency.

Promoting the construction of smart cities: Smart street lights are an important component of smart city construction. By installing smart street lights, the construction process of smart cities in Meilin Community and even the entire Tonglu County can be promoted.

"The digital smart platform for street lights can not only control the switch and brightness of single lights, but also prompt street light faults, which is very convenient." The staff of Longkou Housing and Construction Bureau introduced that the smart road lighting has functions such as point-to-point dimming, fault alarm, data statistics and analysis, and has single light control and switch functions. It can remotely switch lights and adjust conversion power. The 4G chip inside can monitor and diagnose the current, voltage, leakage, power, and other states of a single lamp operation.

The multifunctional smart street light has a stylish and stylish design, with a high aesthetic value. It also realizes functions such as lighting and probe monitoring. In the future, it can also integrate electronic screens, WiFi hotspot environment sensors, and help alarm functions. The top can also provide space for the installation of 5G micro base stations, and even provide services for unmanned driving.

Smart street lights can be turned on and off in different areas and time periods through the intelligent cloud control platform. The lighting methods can be customized, such as lighting up at different intervals, lighting up at different intervals, and lighting up at different intersections. Not only can the lighting method achieve intelligent management, but each street light can also be monitored through mobile phones or intelligent control platforms, achieving fault alarm and query functions, greatly improving the level of street light management, improving the detection rate and timely disposal rate of line accidents, achieving the effect of saving electricity and improving work efficiency, making street light management more intelligent and practical.