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How to detect the refrigeration cycle failure of constant temperature and humidity box equipment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:120

We all know that the refrigeration cycle system of a constant temperature and humidity chamber is a closed system consisting of a refrigeration compressor, a condenser, a dry filter, a capillary tube and a an evaporator welded by copper tubes. The system is filled with a certain amount of refrigerant. Under the action of the compressor, the low-pressure, low-temperature gaseous refrigerant which has absorbed heat in the evaporator becomes a high-temperature, high-pressure gaseous refrigerant, which enters the condenser to cool and liquefy to form a refrigerant. . It continuously circulates through the refrigeration system to achieve the refrigeration purpose.

The refrigeration compressor of the constant temperature and humidity box is fully enclosed, which keeps the refrigerant circulating. If the suction and exhaust pipes of the refrigeration compressor in the test chamberare broken or there are small leaking air holes, the suction or exhaust volume of the system will be reduced, the running time of the refrigeration compressor will be extended, and the evaporator will not be fully frosted or unfrosted, and the refrigeration target will not be achieved. . Therefore, pay attention to the integrity of the refrigeration system piping during use.

When the suction and exhaust pipes of the constant temperature and humidity box compressor have a slight leak due to welding or collision, it is not easy to find it with a soapy water inspection, and water immersion method can be used for inspection.

The specific method is as follows: block the upper and lower pipes of the compressor, connect the nitrogen pressure test pipe to the process pipe to be inflated, then fully immerse the compressor in water, observe attentatively if there are any blisters, if any blisters appear to indicate a leak. The compressor whose leak is detected by the water immersion test must be re-soldered to repair the leak, and it must be dried for more than 4 hours before it can be used again.

Of course, for refrigeration cycle failures, in addition to compressor problems, there are usually if the engine is running normally, if the airflow adjustment louver is normally open, if the humidity in the test chamber is too high, if the equipment If there is water leakage, if it is fluorine, etc. . .

In addition, what we need to know about the test box compressor is that the refrigeration oil used in the refrigeration compressor cannot be replaced with oil at general use. In addition, for Ligao constant temperature and humidity equipment, the compressor we usually use is type screw, mainly because of the cooling efficiency of the screw compressor when its cooling capacity is more than 15KW. For other compressors, vapor compression refrigeration systems are commonly used.