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How to reduce the noise of high temperature aging room

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:49

For a good high-temperature aging room, we not only require the technical parameters to meet the standards and the appearance to be beautiful, but the noise level is also an issue worthy of our attention. So how do you keep aging room noise to a minimum? Only by finding the source of the noise can we really control the noise to a minimum.

The aging room is mainly composed of three parts, the main structure, the control system and the air duct system; Wuhan Andersen concluded that the noise culprit is usually caused by the air duct system based on years of experience in manufacturing high temperature aging rooms Yes, and the air duct system is mostly made up of fans and ducts, so we need to focus on finding ways to reduce noise on ducts and fans.

1. Eliminate the resonance noise: check whether the screws and rivets at the joints of the circulation fan and the air duct are firmly fixed; reattach and install the shock absorber seals.

2. Thicken the wind Pipe thickness: Obviously, the thicker the thickness of the galvanized sheet metal of the air pipe, the lower the noise will be when passing the air pipe. air flow. Properly thickening the thickness of the air pipe is also one of the methods to reduce noise.

3. Add sound-absorbing cotton: Use sound-absorbing cotton to treat the noise source

4. Install a soundproofing device: you can install a soundproofing device inside the pipe or make it yourself

5. Control the fan speed: you can install a speed regulator on the control system to control the fan at a certain speed. The slower the speed, the slower the air speed andthe lower the noise.

6. Insulation of noise transmission: During the manufacturing process of a high temperature aging room, the fans and air ducts will be above the aging room. We can use sound insulation to insulate the noise on top of the aging room, thereby reducing noise transmission

If the six links above can reduce the noise a little, then the noise can be well controlled when added. A high temperature aging room with standard technical parameters, beautiful appearance and low noise is our ideal. The equipment will be more applicable to use.