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Glasses frame fatigue tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:156

Product introduction

This machine is based on GB/14214-2003 General requirements and tests for spectacle Frames Methods\" and ISO12870:1997 \"Ophthalmic Optics - Glasses Frames - Basic Requirements and Testing Methods\" are researched and produced according to technical requirements. The machine adopts precision electromechanical combined with digital display control technology, which is stable and reliable in operation, convenient in operation and beautiful in appearance.The purpose of this machine test is to test the fatigue resistance of the frame, to ensure that the frame can be safely worn for 2 years or more, to confirm that the frame can withstand normal wear and tear and is suitable for the fatigue test of each frame.

Reference standards: EN1836, ISO12870, GB/T14214-2003, etc.

Technical parameters

1 Product Model: FLR-Y04

2range: all glasses

3. Rotation speed: 40 cycles/minute

4. Display digits: 0-9999 (to be provided)

5. Nose bridge adjustment distance: Left and right: 0-50 mm Front and back: 0-50 mm

6. Cam eccentricity: 0-32 mm (adjustable) Accuracy: ≤0.5 mm

7.. Dimension: 28×42×21CM (L×W×H)

8 . Power supply: AC220V50Hz

9.. Weight: 16Kg

Test methods and standards:

1. Fully open the temples in a natural, fully open state and measure the distance d1 between the two legs at the predetermined measuring point;

2. Attach the mirror frame to the instrument, set the number of tests (500 times), and start the instrument;

3. After the instrument rotates, take off the instrument and observe the condition of the mirror frame.

4. Qualified Testing Standards: a. The frame has no cracks or broken spots; b. The permanent deformation does not exceed 5mm; c. The temples can be easily opened with the fingers en closed, and the temples are not damaged. It closes down under its own weight.