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Torque resistance tester for cookware

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:27

Product introduction

handle anti torque tester runs a spin test on kitchen utensils. The rotation and deformation of the handle in any direction does not exceed 10°. The degree of deformation cannot affect the function of the handle. After the test, the fasteners are not loose The anti-torque level of the handle of kitchen utensils has been evaluated.

Based on the standard:

The Torque Tester for Cookware Handles is designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 12983-1 :2000

Technical parameters:

1. The handle is 1 meter long and weighs 1KG ± 0.1KG (including accessories, hands and handle holders)

2. Weight: 1kg

3. Scale resolution: 1°

4. Dimensions: length × width × height: 1100mm * 532mm * 389mm