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Gakushin type tribometer Pendulum type tribometer

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:115

Pendulum tribometer A 4 or 6 station benchtop testing machine for evaluating the abrasion resistance of materials, each station containing a pair of appropriate grips and the force friction arm , the friction arm has two clamps for fixing the friction material.

Product introduction

Product Name:
Pendulum Type Friction Tester
Complies with Standard:
JIS L0823 Section 3.2;JIS L0849 Type II; Mazda KNIFE MN 405; Nissan NES M0 155 Section 16; JIS 10801; JIS 0862; JIS 1084; TR396B; TSL5100G Section 4.8.1A; ISO 874; stmelt>Field of application:
Pendulum type friction tester
Benchtop testing machine with 4 or 6 test positions for evaluating the abrasion resistance of materials. Each test position contains a pair of suitable clamps and a friction arm with two clamps vfor fixing the friction. material.
Operation process:
The operator loads the required number of test positions and rotates the friction arm to the unused test position. Enter the default test period on the counter and start the test. Once the work cycle has reached the specified number of times, the machine will stop automatically. Visually evaluate test samples. This is a heavy duty machine capable of supporting a load of 1300g at each test station during operation.
Service Guarantee:
1. We have an after-sales service team. The company has been engaged in the testing industry for more than ten years, has accumulated rich practical experience, and can deal with it in a timely manner and quickly. Solve all kinds of problems and relieve customers from worry;
2. Complete spare parts, solve the problem of long lead time for spare parts ordering;
3. Provide outsourced maintenance services;
4. We follow Update industry standards on the voet, provide test instruments in a timely manner to meet the updated standards, and provide personalized testing and consulting services;
5. Long-term supply of various test instruments.

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