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Paint film scratch tester_Focus on test instrument manufacturers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:21

Paint film cross-cut tester_manufacturer of specialized test instrument: This instrument is especially suitable for determining the cross-cut adhesion of organic coatings. It is not only suitable for laboratories, but also can be used on construction sites under various conditions.

Product Introduction

One 、 Main application:
This instrument is mainly suitable for determining the shaded adhesion of organic coatings. It is not only suitable for laboratories, but also can be used on construction sites under various conditions.

2. Principle of operation and scope of application
This instrument cuts and penetrates the coating as a grid pattern with a tool of a certain specification, and scratches the finished graphics are classified in six classes,assessing the resistance of the coating to detachment from the substrate.

3. Operation and use
1. Place the sample on a hard plate.
2. Hold the handle of the scraper and make the multi-bladed cutting blade perpendicular to the surface of the test piece.
3. Cut with even pressure, stable and non-vibrating technique, and cutting speed of 20-50mm/S.
4. Rotate the specimen 90° and repeat the above operation on the incision made to form a grid pattern.
5. Use a soft brush to measure the two diagonal lines of the grid pattern and gently brush the test piece 5 times backwards and 5 times forwards.
6. The test should be completed at at least three different positions of the test piece. If the test results of the three positions are different, the test should be repeated at more than three positions and all results should be recordedhonor at the same time.
7. If you need to replace the multi-blade cutting blade, you can use a screwdriver to loosen the two screws on the blade, replace it with the blade you use, stick the edge of the blade on the side of the handle and tighten the screws.

4. Points of attention
1. All cuts must penetrate the coating, but the cut in the substrate must not be too deep.
2. If the coating is too thick and too hard to penetrate the substrate, the test will be invalid, but must be noted in the test report.
3. In special cases or when there are special wishes, it is necessary to cooperate with the tape method for the determination. The tape is generally a 25 mm narrow, translucent tape with a polyester film or acetate fiber backing. Stick the tape on the entire grid, and then tear it off in the smallest corner.The result can be determined by the hanth of the ratio of the glued area to the surface of the paint filmCome and get it.
4. The test should be performed at a temperature of 23±2°C and a relative humidity of 50±5%.

5. Test Standard:
1. VDA 621-411 Paint Adhesion
2. EN ISO 2409 Lacquer Cut Test for Paint Coating
3. ASTM/D 3359 Standard Test Guidelines for Coating Adhesion by Tape Method
4. ISO 2409
5. JIS K 5400
6. JIS K 6894
7. SNV 3711

Sixth, technical data:
Dimensions (width×height×depth): 330×460×750 mm
Net weight: about 40 kg
Power supply : 115/230 VAC, 50/60Hz (specify voltage when ordering)
Power: 400 W
Test piece specification (minimum): 80 × 50 mm
Test piece specification (): 105 mm wide, arbitrary length
Sample thickness: 0.5 ~ 20 mm
Standard load range: 2 ~ 50 N (2N load capacity)
Special load range: 1 ~ 10N (1N carry) (must work with optional accessories)
Scribe Path: 25 or 45mm