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G018p Test Machine Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:141

Outdoor sportswear waterproof test, umbrella test, waterproof fabric test; coat, medical clothing protective material liquid permeability test, blood permeability test. Dynamic testing, static testing and self-defined program testing are used to test the water repellency of textiles under certain pressures. The sample is fixed on the test area of ​​the standard specified area, and the air of 0-5 bar is added through the air compressor to a water tank filled with distilled water, and the water tank is connected to the test head to send a certain pressure to the sample. The pressure waveform is displayed on the operation screen in real time, and various test standards are built-in, which is convenient for users to use.


Meet the standard:
GB/T 4744; AATCC 127; ERT 120-1 160-0; BS EN20811/3321/3424; AFNOR G07-057; ISO 811; ; ASTM F1671; EN1734; ISO1420; FZ/T01004


Product details:
1.7-inch color screen, capacitive touch screen, multi-touch operating system, easy to operate, test results It can be sent to the computer via WiFi or directly to the customer, and can also be saved to the SD card;

2. The simple and convenient double pneumatic test fixture design provides a wider field of observation; at the same time, it can also provide excellent clamping force, even under high pressure, the water will not leak from the side;
3. The built-in water storage tank automatically supplies water, and the built-in water level sensor can automatically add water to the test water level;
4 High-precision pressure sensor and pressure control system, high test accuracy and wide test range;
5. Various pressure unit options (mbar/kPa/Pa/cm w.c /mm w.c), meeting the standard requirements and user habits ;
6, The fastlness of the pressure rise is selected according to the standard data, and the speed of the rise can also be adjusted (if it exceeds the maximum limit of 5000 mbar, it is requested to select the pressure that exceeds the standard to ensure operational safety);
7. Pressure alarm or time alarm can be set to save the operator's observation time, when the alarm condition is reached, there will be an audible prompt;
8. In addition to the built-in standard, the user can also choose a custom mode to set test parameters;
9. LEDSoft lighting system, digital adjustment of lighting brightness;

10. The testing software is equipped with various testing standards, which is convenient for users to use; function, synchronize the test data, pressure curve and video, accurately locate the water droplets to measure the pressure value of the cloth surface, and absolutely eliminate the error of human-eye observation.


Technical parameters:
1. Test Pressure: 0-5000mbar (5000cmW.G)
2. Pressure accuracy: resolution 0.1 mbar
3. Test area: 100cm² (optional 10cm², 19.63cm², 26cm², 28cm²)
4. Pressure growth rate: can be selected according to the standard, or you can enter the value
5. The test unit is optional (mbar/kPa /Pa/cm w.k /mm w.k)
6. Maximum sample thickness: 40 mm
7. Compressed air requirement: 6-8 bar (clean and dry air)
8. Alarm time: 0 -9,999 min (can be set according to pressure or time)
9. Pneumatic mounting

Basic configuration:
1. One host
2. One set of test head 100cm²
3. Automatic analysis 1 set of software
4. PC test software (optional) 1 set