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Fuel tank test bench

Author: Released in:2024-04-03 Click:18

Fuel tank test bench

Fuel tank test bench

Applicable scope:

The plastic fuel tank test bench/durability test bench for automotive fuel tank performance is mainly used to test the safety performance indicators of various vehicle metal fuel tanks and plastic fuel tanks.

Introduction to fuel tank:

Fuel tanks can be divided into two categories based on their materials: metal and plastic. According to the fuel they contain, they can be divided into gasoline fuel tanks and diesel fuel tanks, with different shapes of fuel tanks.

Reference standard:

GB/T 18296-2001 "Safety Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Automotive Fuel Tanks"

QC/T 644-2000 Technical Conditions for Automotive Metal Fuel Tanks

Testing items:

1) Sealing, low-temperature impact resistance, safety valve opening pressure, intake valve opening pressure, angle hammer impact resistance, pressure resistance, and fire resistance tests of plastic fuel tanks;

2) The safety valve opening pressure, intake valve opening pressure, and pressure resistance test of the metal fuel tank.

Test bench structure:

1. The test bench mainly consists of a water tank, a water supply and drainage device, a driving device, an angle hammer impact test device, and a control cabinet, all of which are steel structure types, connected by aviation joints and cables in pairs.

2. The various parts of the test bench are in the form of an overall framework, with reasonable layout and compact structure. The components of the test bench are resistant to water, oil, and corrosion, and some parts are made of stainless steel.

3. There is a roller with brake installed under the testing device, which is easy to move and can ensure that the test can be carried out in different locations. The overall appearance of the equipment is elegant and easy to operate.